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The Face of Home Services

Nicholas Kauffman, Owner of King’s Pressure Wash

Presented by King's Pressure Wash February 12, 2020

In Portland, the abundant rain may make the trees green, but it can also turn surfaces on and around your home a less-desirable shade thanks to mildew, mold and dirt. King’s Pressure Wash can use water to your advantage by removing all that grime to make your exteriors shine. Owner Nico Kauffman and his crew offer additional services such as window washing, gutter cleaning, soft washing and even Christmas light installation or removal. “Hiring a professional that has years of experience can definitely save you time, money, the headache and frustration of trying to do it yourself,” he says. “Who wants to spend a day pressure washing after working all week? No one, it can be messy and definitely wet.”

Four years ago, with less than $500 to his name, Kauffman started going door to door, and his hard work and integrity has since paid off; today, King’s Pressure Wash puts the polish on houses across the Portland Metro area, but especially in Lake Oswego, West Linn, Stafford and the Southwest Hills. The company also does some commercial work, from cleaning grocery store exteriors to new construction clean up, as well as multi-family property routine cleanings.

Specializing in luxury residences, Kauffman builds a relationship with people on dependability and respect. “Doing the right thing no matter what is huge for me. We don’t stop when we’re tired, we stop when the job is done,” he says. “You never know who you’re going to have the opportunity to meet and how they are willing to support you.”

3326 SE LAKE RD | PORTLAND, OR | 503.575.6635