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The Face of Caregiving

Oregon Living Well with Serious Illness Coalition

Presented by Cambia Health Solutions February 10, 2020


What is the Oregon Coalition for Living Well with Serious Illness?

The Oregon Coalition for Living Well with Serious Illness offers a new vision for serious illness care designed to deliver better patient and family experiences through a holistic and connected community ecosystem of care. This includes hospital and specialty medical care, out-patient and home-based palliative care, social supports (like meals and transportation), mental health, information technology and spiritual care. The more than 100 individuals from over 50 different organizations that make up the Coalition prioritize quality of life for families and aim to implement an innovative model for Oregonians that could become a model for communities across the nation.   

What are some highlights of its first year?

Convening this group of committed individuals has helped us identify existing resources, reduce fragmentation and avoid duplication of efforts in the area of serious illness care. One of the biggest barriers to palliative care access is a lack of awareness and perception. We are working to change the status quo by bringing people together to reduce confusion and provide innovative services that matter most to patients and caregivers.

How will the Coalition celebrate its one year anniversary?

On April 14, 2020, we will host a community event at Revolution Hall in Portland to continue to drive that culture shift and raise awareness for National Healthcare Decisions Day. In the morning, Mark Ganz, CEO of Cambia Health Solutions, and Shoshana Ungerleider, M.D, founder of EndWell, will participate in an armchair conversation about the importance of culture change and bringing diverse perspectives together to design innovative solutions around the needs of patients and families. Cambia Health Foundation Sojourns Scholar recipient, Matt Gonzales, M.D. from the Providence Center for Whole Person Care, will talk about the role of technology in matching care to patient preferences. An inter-generational panel of patients and caregivers will also share their perspectives.


Oregon Living Well with Serious Illness Coalition