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The Face of Gastroenterology

The Oregon Clinic

Presented by Oregon Clinic February 12, 2020

Some people may hesitate to undergo a colonoscopy, but the board-certified, regionally acclaimed gastroenterologists at The Oregon Clinic work hard to make the experience as dignified as possible. Getting screened is vital to fighting and preventing colon cancer, one of the most common causes of cancer deaths
for both men and women in the United States. This routine procedure, which examines a sedated patient’s large intestine, is the most effective method of screening and has been recommended at age 50, though the American Cancer Society now suggests starting at age 45.

“The rates of colon cancer do seem to be going up a little bit among young people, which is why that age cut-off for initiating screening has been in debate,” says Dr. Nima Motamedi. “But we’re noticing the rate of colon cancer among the elderly is going down over the past few decades, which likely is related to increased
screening through colonoscopy.”

“When colorectal cancer is found at a localized stage, five-year survival can be 90% or greater,” explains Dr. Charles Gabbert. “Colonoscopy remains the best tool, particularly given its preventative benefit, although alternate screening methods are available to those who are averse to the procedure. My overwhelming
ideology is something is still better than nothing in such patients.”

“Patients can expect a welcoming, respectful, compassionate environment,” says Dr. Karen Saks. “The Oregon Clinic’s gastroenterology teams are dedicated to the best possible patient experience. We understand the sensitive nature of what we do, and we make every effort to help patients feel comfortable at every step of the way. They have entrusted us with their care, and we take that seriously.”

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