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The Face of Timeless Fashion

Emily Carrig, Lead Tailor at Levi’s® Store at Northwest 23rd Avenue

Presented by Levi's February 10, 2020

Levi’s® epitomizes classic American style, built on freedom of authentic self-expression - an ideal spun into the fabric of Portland. Individuality is on full display at the brand’s location on Burnside and 23rd, where customers can shop from a wide assortment of Levi’s® products, from icons like the 501® jean, to their premium collections and latest innovative fits.

Self-expression through customization is a fundamental part of the Levi’s® experience and the store’s Tailor Shop puts creative authority into the hands of the consumer. “We provide traditional tailoring options, such as hems and tapering as well as repairs that include darning and sashiko style stitching,” says Lead Tailor Emily Carrig. “In addition, we strive to provide customers with unlimited possibilities for customization including button swaps, distressing, monograms and more. We offer custom patches for consumers with a unique design idea or image and can embroider these images directly on the garment!”

Consumers can also utilize the in-store touch screen to design their own custom t-shirts at the Direct to Garment Printer. “Once the consumer has created their design, they select their size and confirm their order,” she explains. “We use a combination of a Heat Press, the Brother GTX Printer and a pretreat machine to ensure the resolution of the print. Consumers can watch the entire process from beginning to end in a matter of minutes and leave with their design on the same day.”

With years of experience between them, Carrig and her fellow tailors, Cecily Holtz and Karen Wilfred, will help to bring your vision to life on your favorite Levi’s® products.

LEVI’S® ON 23RD | 2307 NW WESTOVER RD | PORTLAND, OR 97210 | LEVI.COM | 503.229.0501