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Slide Show: Room Service

Stay in style this season with some of the city's best garments.



Fall Fashion 2009: Room Service

It's fall, the season for an indoor passion play.

09/10/2009 Edited by Jill Spitznass and Brett Glass With Peggi-Jane Jeung (Styling) and Katherine Ross represented by OMM Style (Hair and Makeup)


Patterned Behavior

Portland Fashion Week judges named eventual _Project Runway_ winner Leanne Marshall their top emerging designer in 2006. We take a look at the top five finalists for the award this year.

09/10/2009 By Meghan Hilliard

Aspiring Designers

Fashion Forward

Ten local designers focus on Fashion Week

09/01/2009 By Meghan Hilliard


Slide Show: Fashion Forward

Ten local designers focus on Fashion Week



Hot New Idom

Newly relocated to NW 23rd, Modi Soondarotok's Idom brings Thai-inspired fashion to the masses.

08/18/2009 By Brett Glass


Wheel Borrow

If people can take out loans on houses and cars, why not take them out on bikes?

08/18/2009 By Laura Klairmont


Best Tressed

Local designers are making statements by incorporating nature-based statements into their hair accessories.

07/20/2009 By Melissa Tessitor


Street Cents

As it turns out, the money the Portland Bureau of Transportation received from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act only equals 1.25 Raef LaFrentzes.

07/20/2009 With Brian Barker

Best Foot Forward

Well Heeled

The recession has paddle-shocked cobbling back to life thanks to cash-strapped customers who would rather scrimp by paying $12 for a replacement heel than pony up $100 for a new pair of kicks.

06/23/2009 By Sam Holder


Demure Couture

Swim into one-piece suits that are sexy, but sure to cover.

06/22/2009 By Melissa Tessitor



Filson's new Pearl District shop has Portland's style covered.


Style Essential

Breezy Does It

Soak up Portland's summer sun in these one-piece classics.

05/26/2009 By Melissa Tessitor



Parallel aligns itself with Portland's shopping hot spots.

05/19/2009 By Jill Spitznass

Style Essential

Brighten Up!

In Portland, bold color brings spring style into bloom.

05/19/2009 By Melissa Tessitor


Earth and Money

Dan Weldon, Portland's first ecobanker, can help you save the earth and your money with the GreenStreet Lending Initiative.



Green Machine

With economic stimulus dollars up for grabs, a gubernatorial strike force of Portland power players has a comeback plan.

05/19/2009 By Ted Katauskas


The Bounceback

Earlier this year Oregon became ground zero for economists Joel Kotkin and Richard Florida's bickering. Forbes columnist, Kotkin, and Florida, his longtime adversary in regional-economics punditry, hash out what will save Portland's economy.

05/19/2009 By Camela Raymond


12 Revolutionary Companies

Transforming the city that works (and yes, they're hiring.)

05/19/2009 By Sally Powers


The Color of Money

For Portland to create a major green economy, we’ll need an influx of bucks and brains.

05/19/2009 With Brian Barker