Word of Mouth

Meet Mio Asaka, the Farmers Market's Queen of Tarts

Asaka's Instagram-worthy fruit tarts channel France, Japan, and Portland.

07/10/2017 By Karen Brooks

Weekly Planner

A Pink Martini Ice Cream Sing-Along, Outdoor Movies at Pix, and More Portland Food Events

Including cooking classes at the farmers market, Powell’s cookbook readings, and a Sardegna dinner at Artigiano food cart.

05/24/2017 By Benjamin Tepler

Healthy Eats

Celebrate Farmers Market Season with These Fresh New Vendors

Saturday shoppers can now stock up on new brands of bone broth, nut butter, coconut treats, and much more.

05/05/2017 By Tuck Woodstock

Good Eats

Six Simple Strategies for Fighting Food Waste This Summer

Save money, reduce waste, and combat community hunger with the help of Urban Gleaners and other local organizations.

05/01/2017 By Regan Breeden


Portland’s Ultimate Locavore Larder

It’s a golden age for delicious, locally made (or internationally procured) foodstuffs. Stock up.

08/15/2016 By Benjamin Tepler


Portland’s Restaurant History: The People, Places, and Plates That Set Our City’s Epic Table

How did we conquer the food world? We chronicle more than a century of Portland dining.

08/15/2016 Edited by Kelly Clarke


Pioneer Salt, Giant Pancakes, and Sexy Salads: The Two-Century-Long Story of How Portland Conquered the Food World

Here are the wild spots, rule breakers, lost treasures, and unforgettable dishes that forged our food culture.

08/15/2016 Edited by Kelly Clarke By Karen Brooks, Tuck Woodstock, and Michael Zusman Photography by Nicolle Clemetson Styled by Ashley Marti/Local Haven

Weekly Planner

Farm Dinners, a Hot Sauce Expo, and More Portland Food Events

... including Powell’s cookbook readings and boozy summer mini-golf at 19th Hole.

07/22/2016 By Michelle Porter


Here’s What You Need to Know about the Portland Farmers Market

1992 to now, our downtown market provides produce for the people.

06/13/2016 By Caitlin Collins


On the Oregon Coast, Hyperlocal Farmers Markets Take Root

From organic beets to fresh Pacific oysters, produce markets in and around Tillamook add snap to your beach weekend.

06/07/2016 By Kailla Coomes


“Kids Cook at the Market” Teaches Youngsters to Eat Their Veggies

Turn your child into a budding chef with this farm-fresh program at the Saturday PSU Market.

05/26/2016 By Tuck Woodstock


Prairie Creek Farm Needs Our Help

The legendary organic farm from Joseph feeds some of the best kitchens in the city. Now, it’s on the ropes. Here’s how we can all pitch in.

05/25/2016 By Karen Brooks


The Portland Farmers Market Cookbook Packs All Four Seasons into One Collection

Portland’s cultural fixture celebrates its 25th year with a cookbook featuring the city’s top chefs, artisans, farmers, and their recipes.

05/16/2016 By Benjamin Tepler


Meet the Local Farmers, Ranchers, and Beekeepers that Drive Portland Menus

Learn the stories behind the names you've come to know—and find out what ingredients will be inspiring Portland chefs in the future.

10/19/2015 By Kelly Clarke and Allison Jones


Oregon's DeNoble Farms Keeps its Organic Vegetable Secrets in the Family

How the farmers market favorite turned a hobby flower farm into a full-family business inspiring chefs around Portland.

10/19/2015 By Allison Jones


Tastebud's Wood-Fired Restaurant is Finally Opening on October 21

The long-anticipated wood-fired eatery from farmers market star Mark Doxtader will open next week.

10/13/2015 By Benjamin Tepler


Tomatoes and Melon: A Gazpacho Match Made in Farmers Market Heaven

A cool, bright bowl of high-summer bounty is waiting to make friends with your blender.

08/26/2015 By Allison Jones


The Surreal Beauty of the Portland Farmers Market

Food critic Karen Brooks explores the wondrous world of local flowers, vegetables, and fruits with her point-and-shoot lens.

08/24/2015 By Karen Brooks


New Craigslist-Style Marketplace For Your Home Garden

Portland-based website JustFreshy gives local growers and makers space to buy, trade, and sell what's in season.

05/05/2015 By Tuck Woodstock


Portland Farmers Market's New Vendors and Neighborhood Opening Dates

The 2015 market season is kicking into gear with eleven new faces and six neighborhood markets ready to set up shop in May and June.

04/22/2015 By Allison Jones