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According to Scottie Rivera, a Brooklyn native, there should be a great slice shop on every corner of every city—Portland included. At his new parlor on SE Division Street, Rivera’s house style is hodgepodge of pizza ideology. You’ll find poofy-rimmed, leopard-spotted Neapolitan pies cooked in a 900-degree Swedish electric deck oven but served New York–style, in cheap 18-inch rounds or big, foldable slices. The best slice at Scottie’s happens to be the simplest: pizza bianca, with melting heaps of creamy, fresh-made ricotta, fried basil leaves, and a dusting of crushed New Mexico chiles, all drizzled with olive oil. Sure, Rivera’s dream remains a dream—but there’s one more hot slice on one more Portland corner.

Scottie’s Pizza Parlor

2128 SE Division St
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