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Where to Eat This Week: August 7–14

From fancy breakfast hash at Proud Mary to floral gin tonics at Bar Casa Vale, these are the things you must eat and drink this week.

By Eat Beat Team August 7, 2017

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Cold noodles at Wei Wei

Image: Kelly Clarke

Slurp cold noodles at Wei Wei 

Known for its super beefy Taiwanese soup, this Sellwood spot also boasts a tangle of cold noodles mingled with fresh sliced veggies and shredded omelet, dressed with a velvety peanut-sesame sauce. It's a simple summer pleasure.

Fork into potato hash at Proud Mary

This Aussie import is a serious coffee geek destination, but any morning person will savor the house's fancy signature hash: a flavor-packed stack of crisp potato cakes, super-thick bacon, nicely poached eggs, and greens pooled in a garlicky, anchovy-amped cream sauce. 

Chug gin tonics at Bar Casa Vale

Anyone who’s visited Spain knows its tipplers are obsessed with “gin tonics.” The vibrant sherry, cocktail, and smoky bites bar in Southeast Portland does the Spanish-style gin tonic proud, with seven versions, each served in a hefty glass goblet brimming with ice, botanicals, and spices.

Bite into piping hot doughnut holes at Stacked Sandwiches

It’s easy to overlook the pastry display when you’re busy scarfing down an oxtail French Dip sandwich, but don’t miss the doughnut holes ($4 for a half dozen). Served hot from the oven with a seriously thick crust, cakey center, and a generous sugar-coating, they give Pips Original a run for its money.

Sip the yoyogi at Biwa

An oldie but a goodie, the ume (salt plum)-steeped Monopolowa vodka makes for a smooth, citrusy cooler with just enough lip-smacking salt and tart lime to keep you coming back for more.

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