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Nimblefish and Holiday Unite for a Vegan Sushi Dinner

Get ready for persimmon sunomono and cauliflower sashimi from two of Portland Monthly’s Best Restaurants 2018.

By Benjamin Tepler October 30, 2018

Sushi at Nimblefish

Image: Michael Novak

If anyone is up to the challenge of making an all-vegan sushi dinner, it’s Nimblefish’s Cody Auger and Holiday’s Ryan Kennedy. Both spots took top honors this year as two of Portland Monthly’s Best Restaurants 2018. Auger is known for his stellar sourcing and minimal edomae-style curing methods, while Kennedy—along with Holiday owner Duane Sorenson—bridges the gap between vegan punks and tweezer chefs with his smoothie bowls and fancy gluten-free toasts. 

On Sunday, November 4, the two will unite for an all-vegetable sushi blowout at Holiday’s plant-strewn Division Street location (3377 SE Division St). $100 gets you 10 courses. 32 seats only. Nab tickets here.

What’s to be excited about? From the looks of it, late-harvest gourds and wild mushrooms galore. What does persimmon sunomono with matsutake mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, and pomegranate taste like? Or wood-fired, miso-covered sunchoke and Japanese eggplant? Almond tofu with miso caramel and black sesame? Sounds like the next step in Portland’s increasingly vegetable-focused cooking movement.

Here's the full menu:

  • Matsutake Osuimono w/Chestnut 
  • Tsukemono and Shungiku Gomaae
  • Porcini and Cauliflower Sashimi 
  • Yuba and Squash 
  • Wood Fired Houba Miso w/ Nasu and Sunchoke
  • Persimmon Sunomono w/ Matsutake, Brussels, Pomegranate and Pickles
  • Nigiri Course 
  • Tomato and Cucumber Water
  • Yuzu Sorbet
  • Almond Tofu w/Miso Caramel and Black Sesame

Holiday x Nimblefish Vegan Dinner

6 p.m. Sun, Nov 4, Holiday, $100

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