Cooking With Pears

Caught On Camera

Lauro chef demos her award-winning recipe

03/12/2010 By Stacy Austin

Beer Bulletin

Glass Dismissed

Ale appreciation classes on tap

03/12/2010 By John Chandler

Food News

Lunchin’ Large

Big-Ass Sandwiches cures lunchtime blues

03/09/2010 By John Chandler

In Season

Nice Pear!

Fruit salute at Lauro luncheon

03/09/2010 By Stacy Austin

Rock the Clubs

Wonderful Words

Your new favorite band

03/05/2010 By John Chandler

International Eats

Culinary Colors

India food specials thru Saturday night

03/05/2010 By Stacy Austin

Pop-up Restaurants

A New Model for Portland Eateries?

Pop-up retail is hot. What about pop-up restaurants?

03/04/2010 By Eat Beat Team

Cheap Drinks

Colt Classic

What to buy with $3

03/02/2010 By John Chandler


The Food Lover's Guide to Portland 2010

We take our food seriously here in the Rose City, so it pays to know— where it grows, where to find it, and how to prepare it. Our indispensable Food Lovers Guide...


Books for Hungry Minds

Newish Book Great Overview of Contemporary Cuisine

Global gastro compendium of top chefs includes Portland’s Tommy Habetz

02/28/2010 By Eat Beat Team

Coffee Wars

Portland Robs Seattle’s Coffee Crown

Your bigger, richer, and your buildings are taller. But our coffee is better

02/26/2010 By Eat Beat Team


Follow the Herd

The swarming of Bay Area culinary influence is traced through San Francisco's Pier 39 sea lions—apparently the perceptive pinnipeds had simply followed the foodies north.

02/23/2010 By Kasey Cordell

Cheap Date

Hungry Tiger Too

A festive evening sans bankruptcy

02/22/2010 By Emma Hall

The Sporting Life

Vancouver = Vodka

Catch Olympic fever—and a buzz

02/19/2010 By John Chandler

James Beard

PDX Restaurants Receive 12 Beard Nominations

Pomeroy, Whims, Rucker, Ricker, Lightner, Higgins, Bibiano, Lewis, Gorham

02/18/2010 By Eat Beat Team

High Spirits


Drink some bier and eat your wurst at this German beer hall, located on N Mississippi Avenue.

02/17/2010 By Rachel Ritchie



Pairing a meal with a quality wine can break a diner’s budget faster than a balloon payment these days. But since Metrovino opened in the Pearl District last year, the restaurant has offered a novel way of matching a superior wine to each course on its me

02/17/2010 By Mike Thelin


Cash Crop

The Portland Farmers Market has slowly blossomed into one of the city's leading economic pulses, but lack of city support has put Portland vendor's fees among the highest in the nation.

02/16/2010 By Mike Thelin

New Bar

Hot or Not?

Couture Ultra Lounge in Old Town

02/16/2010 By John Chandler


Order Up!

Busy Portland notables share their local takeout favorites Dante Cunningham heads to P.F. Chang's, Naomi Pomeroy goes for rotisserie chicken.