What Happened at Paulée (and What's Next)

The opening year of wine country's most ambitious restaurant was a bumpy ride. Will a new chef and casual bar menu change things in 2013?

01/07/2013 By Allison Jones


Five Questions with Oregon Olive Mill's Paul Durant

Tis the season for Olio Nuovo, the annual celebration of fresh olive oil straight from the presses, so we sat down with Oregon's top olive oil producer to find out more.

11/08/2012 By Allison Jones


Paulee Wakes up Early

Daniel Mondok's wine country escape is now open for fresh-from-the-garden a.m. fare.

10/16/2012 By Allison Jones


Food & Wine Picks Paulée

Daniel Mondok's Dundee restaurant is featured as one of 25 wine destinations in the national mag's October issue.

09/12/2012 By Allison Jones


Kitchen Existential

In honor of Robert Reynolds, the story of an itinerant chef's quest to elevate the culinary consciousness of Portland.

08/29/2012 By Camas Davis


Win Tickets to Feast Portland

Eat Beat’s snagged a pair tickets to Feast Portland's Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting on Saturday, September 22nd—and they may have your name on them!

08/28/2012 By Allison Jones


Oyster Fest 2012

The folks behind EaT: An Oyster Bar and The Parish are hosting an epic oyster bash on May 12, complete with beer, wine, and spirit pairings while five oyster...

04/26/2012 By Allison Jones


Ocean's Heaven

Fin takes advantage of our proximity to two rivers and an ocean.

12/21/2010 By Karen Brooks

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Leafy Aspirations

Early spring is the perfect time to plant baby greens, as mild spring temperatures facilitates faster-growing and sweeter-tasting leaves. Learn how to find your perfect plot, choose your blend of greens, sow your seeds, and protect and harvest your patch.

05/27/2010 By Kate Bryant

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Pretty Shady Character

A handy dandy do-it-yourself guide to turning your lamps into photo albums: homemade lampshades fashioned from photos and slides both new and old.

05/27/2010 By Rachel DeSchepper


American Why

When a simple salad of arugula collides with “high-tech American” cuisine, what’s a modern American diner to do?

05/19/2009 By Camas Davis


Rocket Is Closing

Rocket will close its doors on November 8. The space will be available for private event rentals, but can we rent out the house-made egg-noodle appetizer? Or the sautéed trout topped with béarnaise sauce? Or the deep-fried hush puppies filled wi



Culinary Matador

A new Spanish-inspired restaurant teaches us to grab the bull by the horns and sing its praises like we mean it.

05/19/2009 By Camas Davis


American French Fries, Paley-Style

From sweetbreads to French Fries: In their first cookbook, Kimberly and Vitaly Paley aren't afraid to put everything on the table.

05/19/2009 By Nancy Rommelmann


Hooked on Chinook

Highly sought-after and often controversial, this perennial Northwest salmon is still the king of spring.

05/19/2009 By Martha Calhoon

5 Minutes With....

Claims Adjuster

Tenacious crusader Brenda Eichelberger talks about her battle with cancer, insurance companies, and the importance of hope.

05/19/2009 By Bart Blasengame


Keeping His Cool

Legendary punk David Allen trades in his bass for a blog.

05/19/2009 By Bart Blasengame


Oil’s Well

For garnishing and dipping, it pays to invest in good olive oil reserves.

05/19/2009 By Seth Lorinczi