garden tours

Porterhowse Farms

colorful conifer cones

05/07/2010 By Kate Bryant

plant of the week

Chilean Glory Vine

spectacular – and apparently cold-hardy

05/05/2010 By Kate Bryant

horticultural ed

Berry Botanic Garden Classes

last call

05/03/2010 By Kate Bryant

upcoming events

A Trio of Garden-Related Events

- enough to keep you in horticultural heaven all weekend

04/29/2010 By Kate Bryant

Get Dirty

Plant a Tree, Get a Treebate

the program takes a break for summer – so get planting!

04/26/2010 By Kate Bryant

DIG: Your Monthly Garden Tip


This month, plant a blueblossom to add color to your garden and attract native wildlife.

04/26/2010 By Kate Bryant

Edible Gardening

Purple-Sprouting Broccoli

Nearly nine months from sowing to eating – it’s almost like having a baby!

04/24/2010 By Kate Bryant

Edible Gardening

My Vegetable Garden’s TV Debut

featuring mâche – a fantastic early spring green

04/21/2010 By Kate Bryant


Dandelions in your lawn

good? bad?

04/21/2010 By Kate Bryant

plant files

Tulip Time

- a great time to decide which tulips to plant for next year

04/17/2010 By Kate Bryant

Plant Sales

Things to Do – Plants to Buy

plant sales going on every day for the next week

04/12/2010 By Kate Bryant

gardening and health

Sneeze Trees

why the sex of your tree could matter

04/09/2010 By Kate Bryant

upcoming events

Tulip Fest!

03/29/2010 By Kate Bryant

upcoming events

It’s Spudtacular!

learn everything you need to know to grow the humble spud

03/19/2010 By Kate Bryant

upcoming events

Festival of Fragrance

Portland’s Classical Chinese Garden’s spring plant sale

03/17/2010 By Kate Bryant


Western Wake-robin (Trillium ovatum)

The beauty of the Western wake-robin

03/16/2010 By Kate Bryant


Chicken Shirts

- going viral?

03/14/2010 By Kate Bryant

places to go

Bishop’s Close Garden

03/09/2010 By Kate Bryant


Backyard Habitat Certification

I did it – you can, too!

03/06/2010 By Kate Bryant