Backyard Habitat Certification

I did it – you can, too!

03/06/2010 By Kate Bryant

book review

Grocery Gardening

03/03/2010 By Kate Bryant


Well Hello, Sweet Pea!

it’s pea-planting time in Western Oregon

02/20/2010 By Kate Bryant

upcoming events

Yard, Garden & Patio Show

this could be the best yet

02/09/2010 By Kate Bryant


The Chicks Are Coming!

local resources for urban chicken farmers

02/03/2010 By Kate Bryant


…and Heeearrr They Come!

- the first flowering bulbs of the season

01/27/2010 By Kate Bryant


Winged Wonders

Brighten your winter months by transforming your backyard into an avian paradise.

11/19/2009 By Kate Bryant

Garden Projects

Plant Spring Bulbs in Containers

A festive autumn project

10/08/2009 By Kate Bryant

Upcoming Plant Events

The Ultimate Plant Sale

It Only Happens Twice a Year

09/15/2009 By Kate Bryant

Upcoming Plant Events

Le Tour des Plants

C’est Bon!

09/06/2009 By Kate Bryant

Vege Garden Project

It’s Not Too Late for (Vege Garden) Love

…but don’t wait too long!

09/03/2009 By Kate Bryant

Plant for Wildlife

Low-Emissions Hummers

(Where They Fill Up)

08/30/2009 By Kate Bryant