Senior Editor

Since joining Portland Monthly’s editorial team in 2010, Marty has covered books, tech start-ups, porn theater history, and population trends, and written features on the state’s UFO legacy and World Cup soccer fever in Portland. Marty commandeers the magazine’s front-of-the-book Dispatch section and backpage, and co-edits Portland Monthly’s style and design blog, Lookbook.

Burmese by birth and German by childhood, Marty arrived in Portland in 2005 by way of Los Angeles. He completed an MA in Medieval History at Portland State, where he got way into Derrida. When he’s not writing or editing, you can find him standing alongside his lovely wife in the Timbers Army, on his bike, or leveling his Titan.


Local Journalist Reveals the Scandalous History Behind a Major Board Game

Mary Pilon on her new book, The Monopolists: Obsession, Fury, and the Scandal Behind the World's Favorite Board Game

04/02/2015 By Marty Patail


Trail Blazers Star Damian Lillard’s Psychological Secret Weapon

How the fourth-quarter hero stays calm under pressure (hint: it involves a "mental coach").

04/02/2015 By Marty Patail


Behold Sunriver Resort's $50 Million Facelift

The beloved Central Oregon retreat gets a new restaurant and pool area.

03/25/2015 By Marty Patail


We Found Oregon's Women of Tomorrow at Vestal School

We put them in the magazine and they invited us to their classroom.

03/17/2015 By Marty Patail


Hot Travel Links: Cable Car Hotel Rooms, Treacherous Hikes, and Lost Show Dogs.

Going to the French Alps? Stay in a hotel room suspended 9,000 feet in the air.

03/16/2015 By Marty Patail


Are You Afraid of the Dentist?

Take our free dental survey and enter to win a $100 gift card to Imperial.

03/11/2015 By Marty Patail


Taste Test: Airline Snacks

Portland Monthly's editorial staff sampled airline nuts and crackers... for science!

03/05/2015 By Marty Patail


Caleb Porter: Soccer Genius?

His first season rocked. His second ended before it began. Analysts weigh in on the Timbers' highly touted coach.

03/02/2015 By Marty Patail


A Feminist History of Oregon, from Abigail Scott Duniway to 'Bitch'

Oregon's legacy is rooted in women shipyard workers, suffragettes, sci-fi authors, legal abortion, and kick-ass senators. Get inspired!

03/02/2015 By Marty Patail


Portland’s First Female Head Brewer Talks Fermentation, Culinary School, and Anheuser-Busch

10 Barrel Brewing's Whitney Burnside has climbed to beer ladder from Laurelwood to Upright to Elysian to Pelican. Now, she talks about her biggest challenge yet.

03/02/2015 By Marty Patail


The Oregon Women of Tomorrow

We asked some young women in the third grade at Northeast Portland's Vestal School what they want to be when they grow up.

03/02/2015 By Marty Patail


Pop Culture Translations for Opera's Most Confusing Terms

It's time to end opera's difficult rep—we break down some of the form's most baffling concepts with references from our modern age.

03/02/2015 By Marty Patail


Why Timbers Coach Caleb Porter Believes Last Year Wasn't a Total Disaster—and This Year Could Be Amazing

His first season rocked. His second ended before it began. Now, as the Portland Timbers kick off a difficult and decisive 2015 season, head coach Caleb Porter calmly charts course for the playoffs.

02/20/2015 By Marty Patail


North Drinkware Puts Mt Hood in a Pint Glass

A Portland trio's Kickstarter wants to drown Mt. Hood in your favorite beer.

02/04/2015 By Marty Patail


Around the World in 5 Stories: Feb 2, 2015

A round up of international travel news, including Tinder-to-go, a travel hacking guide from Kayak, and a wonky FAA policy change you need to know about.

02/02/2015 By Marty Patail


Portlanders Share Stories of Their Worst Dates Ever

If you think Valentine's Day is hellish, at least you can be glad you're not going out with these romantic offenders.

02/02/2015 Edited by Marty Patail


Check Out the New Spa at Sou'Wester Lodge

The beloved Seaview, WA trailer resort gets a fancy new garden spa and Finnish sauna.

01/30/2015 By Marty Patail


Ranking Portland's Best Schools

We compare 596 public and private schools around the Portland metro area to see how your child's education measures up.

01/28/2015 Edited by Zach Dundas, Ramona DeNies, and Marty Patail


A Portland-Perth Collaboration Yields New Space Game

Retro adventure game Space Age was four years and two continents in the making.

01/26/2015 By Marty Patail