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The Faces of Health Innovation

Cambia Health Solutions

Presented by Cambia Health Solutions February 11, 2019

From left to right: Cambia employees Faraz Shafiq, Brian Finn, Dee Cruz, Meg Dryer, Matt Koehler, Mohan Nair drive consumer-focused health care innovation in their respective areas of the company.

Like the towering evergreens that blanket Forest Park, Portland-based Cambia Health Solutions is deeply rooted in the community.

For over 100 years, from its genesis as a safety net for injured timber workers to its current trailblazing position in the health care industry, entrepreneurism and forward thinking have always driven the company to improve wellbeing.

Today, they are much more than just a best-in-class insurance provider; Cambia’s family of more than 20 companies continues to diversify with groundbreaking assets such as MedSavvy, an online resource that provides transparency when considering medication. Investments from Echo Health Ventures pioneer technology and bold solutions.

“We realized that to change health care, making it more person focused and sustainable economically – we had to affect our own thinking,” says Chief Innovation Officer Mohan Nair. “Our internal habits reflect out.”

An organizational culture in touch with people creates the foundation for an inventive ecosystem, putting its recognition of consumer impact, actual families and lives, at the forefront.

The next leap forward in health care is primed at Cambia, where employees are encouraged to share ideas. “At the end of the day, the people we serve and the nation we support have a much more transformative life, because of our existence.””

Cambia Health Solutions
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