Be cool

Leather Art

A little slice of Americana, served 18 different ways.

09/29/2010 By Eden Dawn


Can I Have It?

Is internet shopping work related?

09/28/2010 By Eden Dawn


Slide Show: Fabric Painting



Slide Show: Can I Have It?


I wish...

Fabric Painting

Rachel Ann Austin is a painter who I wish was a fabric designer.

09/28/2010 By Eden Dawn

Be there or be square

Physical Element’s Speakeasy Event

Let’s get physical.

09/27/2010 By Eden Dawn

Come sale away

Sticks & Stones Sale

A secret sale that can help up your street cred.

09/24/2010 By Eden Dawn

Get pretty

Kalista’s Anniversary Specials

Take advantage of Kalista’s generosity to get all spruced up for the new season.

09/23/2010 By Eden Dawn

I Heart Videos

Vintage Fashion Video

A look back at the daintier era of fashion shows.

09/23/2010 By Eden Dawn


The Camel – Not

Camel be or not to be? That is the question.

09/22/2010 By Eden Dawn

A stitch in time

Portland Sewing School

Get your sew on with Portland Sewing and their altruistic ways.

09/22/2010 By Eden Dawn


Isaac Hers: Fall Launch Party


Be there or be square

Isaac Hers: Fall Launch Party

Celebrate the fall collection from Isaac Hers while also commiserating the loss of summer.

09/21/2010 By Eden Dawn


R.A.W. Fashion Show

A mini wrap up of R.A.W. Textiles "Pre-Soiled Couture" event.

09/20/2010 By Eden Dawn


Slide Show: R.A.W. Fashion Show


the new styles

Fashion’s Night Out

A crowd gathers to look at new looks

09/17/2010 By Ali Moran

I Heart Videos

A Look Behind the Scenes of Our Fashion Shoot

If you’ve never seen an episode of America’s Next Top Model, check out the video of how a magazine shoot all comes together!

09/17/2010 By Eden Dawn

Fashion Shoots are Fun

Backstage at Portland Monthly’s Fall Fashion Spread

Introducing Eden Dawn, our intrepid fashion reporter.

09/17/2010 By Eden Dawn