Slide Show: Amelia Toro Q&A


Insider Info

Amelia Toro Q&A

Questions answered from our favorite visiting Columbian designer.

10/27/2010 By Eden Dawn

Shoe Business

The Doctor is In

Bands and brands: Doc Martens kicks out the jams

10/26/2010 By Ali Moran


Nerd Boyfriend

A blog that takes geek chic to the next level.

10/26/2010 By Eden Dawn

Runway Happiness

Form Function Fashion Show

Liza Rietz, Adam Arnold, Dawn Sharp, Emily Ryan, Sword + Fern

10/25/2010 By Eden Dawn

Be there or be square

Subject to Season: Dark Wave

Palace Clothing, Yo Vintage, Hazel Cox, Fieldwork, Melody Geer, Afton Hakes, Hilary Horvath, Kim Namanny, Clara Seascholtz and Olo Fragrance

10/22/2010 By Eden Dawn

Runway Happiness

Feel the Rush Fashion Event

TK Couture and Jasin Weiner

10/22/2010 By Eden Dawn


Carol Kipling

Surf an online boutique of lovely handmade items.

10/21/2010 By Eden Dawn


Slide Show: Prance and Swagger


Vintage Vixens

Prance and Swagger

New items for you to get your Mad Men on.

10/20/2010 By Eden Dawn

Compassion is fashion

Spirit Day

Wear some purple to show some love.

10/20/2010 By Eden Dawn


Huffington Post Acknowledges PFW

Portland Fashion Week made some east coast waves.

10/19/2010 By Eden Dawn

Playing dress up

Create a Costume

Found Item Clothing offers up the meat for your DIY costume sandwich.

10/18/2010 By Eden Dawn

Runway Happiness

China Bound Fashion Show: The Review

Seth Aaron, Dimitri, Devonation, O’Pearl Art

10/18/2010 By Eden Dawn

I Heart Videos

Feel Your Boobies

Vote our Portlander as the top You Boob video.

10/15/2010 By Eden Dawn

Runway Happiness

China Bound Fashion Show

Designers: Seth Aaron, Tony Dimitri, O’Pearl Art

10/15/2010 By Eden Dawn


New at Moxie

Something to go spend your money on.

10/14/2010 By Eden Dawn


Slide Show: The Row Trunk Show