Be there or be square

Shop Hop

H&M, Mabel & Zora and Adorn are hosting events galore.

11/10/2010 By Eden Dawn

I Heart Videos

Savant Fashion Show Video

Moving pictures of designer Feng-Feng Yeh’s Savant collection.

11/09/2010 By Eden Dawn

Grow your brain

Man Up and Sew

A sewing series for the man who wants to do it all.

11/09/2010 By Eden Dawn


Boutique Spotlight: Gilt


I'm special

Boutique Spotlight: Gilt

A jewelry store to fulfill your Gilt-y pleasures.

11/08/2010 By Eden Dawn

Runway Happiness

Friday Fashion

Lille Boutique offers up a night of Fun Fun Yay!

11/05/2010 By Eden Dawn


Slide Show: Blake Grand Opening


Be there or be square

Blake Grand Opening

If denim is your thing, here is your place

11/04/2010 By Eden Dawn

Insider Info

Q&A with Gretchen Jones

Newly crowned Project Runway winner spills the dirt.

11/03/2010 By Eden Dawn

Be there or be square

Popina Party

A First Thursday Grand Opening with fashion, cocktails and cosmetics.

11/02/2010 By Eden Dawn

Runway Happiness

Form Function Fashion Show – Review

Liza Rietz, Adam Arnold, Dawn Sharp, Emily Ryan, Sword + Fern

11/01/2010 By Eden Dawn


Project Runway Picks Another Portlander!

Gretchen Jones wins Season 8 of Project Runway.

10/29/2010 By Eden Dawn

Fitness is Fashionable

Passport to Prana

Take a tour of Portland’s yoga scene with one handy card.

10/28/2010 By Eden Dawn

Be there or be square

Corsets and Cognac

Oh Baby Lingerie is inviting you to a naughty good time.

10/28/2010 By Eden Dawn


Slide Show: Amelia Toro Q&A


Insider Info

Amelia Toro Q&A

Questions answered from our favorite visiting Columbian designer.

10/27/2010 By Eden Dawn

Shoe Business

The Doctor is In

Bands and brands: Doc Martens kicks out the jams

10/26/2010 By Ali Moran