Valentine’s Day: The Take-Home Edition

Whether you’re flying solo or flocking together, we’ve rounded up Portland’s best Valentine’s Day treats to savor from your love nest.

By Alex Keith February 5, 2016

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OP's "Will You Be My Meatheart?" gift box. 

Pix Pâtisserie
Someone once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re gonna get.” But with chocolates from Pix Pâtisserie…you’re gonna get tipsy. Made using an ancient, time-consuming method, Chardons are shots of top shelf booze chased with Valrhona dark chocolate. The Oregon Booze Box ($16) features four boozy bites oozing Oregon-made whiskey, gin, aquavit, and brandy. In addition to liquor-laced chocolates, heart-shaped macaroons, and other special Valentine desserts, Pix Pâtisserie is hiding a pair of one-carat black and white diamond stud earrings for one lucky lady to find inside a chocolate gift box. 

Foster’s Craft Cooking
Tell your sweetheart you shuckin’ love them with an aphrodisiacal oystergram from Foster’s Craft Cooking. Beautiful bivalves can be hand-delivered (in Portland proper) and hand-shucked in front of your honey at their office, home, or business on February 12, 13, and 14. Six salty Netarts oysters come accompanied by a chocolate oyster shell from Alma Chocolate for a sweet finish.
$50. Orders must be received by February 10 and can be placed by calling 503-944-9624 or by filling out the form found here.

Olympia Provisions
Roses are nice and all, but they don’t taste great on a sandwich, or paired with a vintage Cabernet. Instead of the done-to-death dozen, give your special someone what they really want this year—a bouquet of flavor-packed salamis and sausages. The carnivore kings at Olympia Provisions help you woo your meatheart with two new Valentine’s Day heart-shaped packages. The “Will You Be My Meatheart?” ($55) features Olympia Provisions French Sampler as well as two boxes of the Petite Pierre Pepperettes, miniature pork sticks flavored with juniper and sea salt. Sweeten things up a bit with the “Meat + Sweet” package ($55), again featuring the Olympia Provisions French Sampler but with the addition of chocolate salami—yes, chocolate salami—hinted with warm baking spices, nuts, candied ginger, and red wine.

Salt & Straw
Everyone’s favorite ice cream gets even better in this collaboration with Portland’s preeminent chocolatiers. Salt & Straw teams up with Xocolatl de David, Missionary Chocolates, Alma Chocolate, Woodblock Chocolate, and Cocanú to create a special series of flavors running at all the ice cream empire’s Portland locations till February 26, giving you nearly a month to indulge. Get ‘em in scoops, pints, and even flights. No need to settle on just one flavor this holiday.

  • David Briggs of Xocolatl de David layers sweet, candied hibiscus flowers with peppers and chocolate in his Chocolate & Hibiscus Flower Sorbet.
  • At Alma, Sarah Hart turns the brand’s signature PB&J Chocolate Bar into an ice cream rippled with ribbons of strawberry jam and peanut butter chocolate ganache.
  • Charley Wheelock of Woodblock pairs his single-origin chocolate with a single-origin Peruvian coffee from Stumptown for the perfect unison, Chocolate & Coffee.
  • Over at Missionary, Melissa Berry takes all the best flavors and swirling them together in her Coconut Cinnamon Chipotle Rocky Road studded by toasted cocoa nibs and marshmallows—and it’s vegan!
  • Combining Ecuadorian cacao beans sweetened with Canadian maple sugar, maple caramel, and rose petals, Sebastian Cisneros of Cocanú calls his creation the Maple & Rose Chocolate Garden.

Moonstruck Chocolate
Like roses and tiny teddy bears, truffles are a ubiquitous Valentine’s Day gift—they’re beautiful, delicious, and they look adorable in little heart-shaped boxes. But at Moonstruck Chocolates, truffles get sexy, taking the form of fiery hot red lips for Valentine’s Day ($50 for box of 20). Spicy dark chocolate ganache is infused with ginger, honey, and French Espelette chili pepper before being piped into a dark chocolate shell.

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