Coffee Guide: Morning Glories

Portland's 10 Best Pastries

Canelé to croissants, crostata to coffee cake, this is why we get out of bed.

By Benjamin Tepler, Kelly Clarke, and Karen Brooks February 20, 2017 Published in the March 2017 issue of Portland Monthly

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1. Sweedeedee’s Cream Cheese–Citrus Brioche

Crisp and sugar-crusted at the edges with ooey-gooey sweet cream cheese and bright pops of blood orange in the center, this brioche just barely beats out the café’s moist, beeswaxy honey cake. —BT

2. Grand Central's Monkey Muffin

Buttery scraps of croissant dough are stuffed into a muffin tin loaded with pecan sticky-roll stuff for a waste-not, want-not triumph of craggy edges and Sugar Daddy chew. —KC

3. Trifecta’s Raspberry Escargot

The fat red coil of spelt-tinged croissant dough and puréed berries is a morning miracle of toast, butter, and jam. —KB

4. Maurice’s Scones

Hefty with delicate crumbles and pocked with currants and rosemary, these deeply savory objects of desire are simply a different animal from what others call scones. —KB

5. Either/Or’s Carrot Chai Muffins

Behold: the indie carrot cake muffin—super-moist and dainty, backed by freshly ground spices, and iced with the outstanding house chai. —KB

6. Courier Coffee Roasters Canelé 

Improbably, a quirky coffee shop cracked the code to one of France’s most finicky pastries—barely sweet, springy, custard cake within; a bitter, wonderfully elusive honeycomb chew without. —KB

7. Bakeshop’s Almond Croissant

We’re not sure what gets us the most—the tease of vanilla and orange flower water, the nutty, near-custardy center, or the avalanche of sugar and crunch on top. —KB

8. Milk Glass Mrkt’s Fruit Crostata

With an Italian pie crust to write Rome about, this flaky, buttery dough dancing with seasonal fruit—perhaps fat wedges of dark, caramel-y apples—comes courtesy of baker-wiz Kir Jensen. —KB

9. Oui Presse’s Hazelnut Espresso Coffee Cake

Coffee and pastry collide in this thick slice of espresso-soaked sour cream cake. On top: a toffee-flavored moonscape of whole nuts and batter scraps. Check out the recipe. —KB

10. Blue Star’s Raspberry Rosemary Doughnut

The doughnut mogul’s tart raspberry glaze and herbal, rosemary backbite mimics its all-time favorite, the blueberry-bourbon-basil—but with the added bonus of an incredible butter crunch. —BT

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