Where to Eat This Week

From prime rib eye at the Woodsman Tavern to old-school breakfast at Fuller’s Coffee Shop, these are the things you must eat and drink right now.

By Eat Beat Team February 24, 2016

Chai hzs0ot

Image: Nomad

1. Sip chai at Pip’s Original

Experience the kaleidoscopic flavor range of teeny doughnut king Pip’s house-made bounty, from Ginger Rodgers’s sweet-heat intensity to Thai-spiced King & I and chamomile-wafting Emmylou, served in a picture-perfect quintet of mugs. Share with a friend for maximum feels.

2. Get primeval on the Woodsman Tavern’s prime rib eye

This spread feels designed for all the primitive pleasure points: 25 (or 50!) ounces of rib eye, pink in the center and coated in a perfectly seasoned char, sided by a wooden board heavy with braised shiitake and crimini mushrooms, pickled veggies, Gorgonzola dolce, and horseradish. You will want to try every permutation of these elements, and you will want to take sips of a big red wine between bites. 

3. Slurp Luce’s Calabrian chile pasta

Luce achieves austere beauty with its spaghetti with garlic and hot pepper, the thinnest pasta gauge ever called spaghetti sparking and smoldering with Calabrian chiles—like eating little shards of campfire, in the best way. Certain heretics add clams. 

Waffle jqd5xd

Chicken and waffles at Expatriate

4. Cut into an incendiary chicken and waffles at Expatriate

Behold, the latest creation from Naomi Pomeroy, queen of Beast, mastermind behind Expatriate’s wonton nachos and jalapeño popper bao. Pomeroy’s take on the brunch classic involves dredging chicken strips in fish sauce and corn flakes before deep-frying, fluffy rice flour waffles, and superhot chile butter. Watch out, Screen Door. 

5. Have an old-school breakfast at Fuller’s Coffee Shop

At Fuller’s, a Denver omelette with just-crispy-enough hash browns, perfectly buttered toast, and a bottomless cup of plain ol’ coffee offer safe harbor from the rising rents, swarms of foodie tourists, and other New Portland trappings—even if there is yet another high-rise going up across the street. 

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