Tig Notaro Hits Helium

02/08/2011 By Anne Adams


Turandot: A Multi-Faceted Gem

Portland Opera’s latest offering is a sublime visual stunner, but the story has two sides.

02/07/2011 By Anne Adams


Review: Thief River

It’s a tough row to hoe, but Profile Theatre carries off this theatrically challenging country love story.

02/03/2011 By Anne Adams



The one-man phenomenon plays his puzzlingly endearing songs tonight at Ella Street Social Club.

02/03/2011 By Anne Adams


Patton Zingers

Patton Oswalt hits Portland with a joke-and-book one-two punch.

02/02/2011 By Anne Adams


A Few Good Reasons To Watch "Foreign" Films

Need a reason to catch the Portland International Film Festival? Here are several.

01/31/2011 By Anne Adams


Two Shenandoahs

Sellwood’s top acts tonight and tomorrow share little more than a lyrical Irish name.

01/25/2011 By Anne Adams

phile under: theater

Fertile Ground Speaks for Itself

Playwrights plug the upcoming festival with a few choice quotes, straight from their scripts.

01/24/2011 By Anne Adams


Win Tedd Nash Pomaski Art!

Golden Rule raffles a piece by the prominent Brooklyn-based graphite artist.

01/23/2011 By Anne Adams


Five Questions With Vin Shambry

Superior Donuts’ frontman talks shop about acting fresh, conjuring courage, and breaking his own heart backstage.

01/21/2011 By Anne Adams

tune in: television

Portlandia Premiere

Creator Carrie Brownstein and Director Jonathan Krisel weigh in on their new IFC series’ growing hype.

01/15/2011 By Anne Adams

Mud Room

30 Seconds With… Dave Frishberg

Dave Frishberg answers _Portland Monthly's_ questions in preparation for his February 20 performance at the Portland Jazz Festival.

01/14/2011 By Anne Adams

tune in: television

First Full Portlandia Episode!

Bookstore feminists, juvenile team sports, and organic farm forays. Watch it now!

01/13/2011 By Anne Adams


Amaya Villazan Sings

The Artists Rep thesp-in-residence and Milagro alumnus, shares her gift of song in a special one-night performance.

01/13/2011 By Anne Adams

tune in: television

Eat us, Portlandia!

Portlandia must be a glutton for Portland Monthly ’s punishment.

01/11/2011 By Anne Adams

phile under: five questions

5 Questions with Good Night Billygoat

Stop-motion impresario David Klein of Billygoat opens a window into the band’s world of miniature magic.

01/11/2011 By Anne Adams

phile under: oregon pride

Oregon Ducks Power Ballad

Sebastian Bach squawks a triumphal tribute to our team.

01/06/2011 By Anne Adams

phile under: world wise

New Year Holidays From Here To China

January 1 marks the Western New Year, but not the only one. Why not enjoy Portland’s later-breaking international festivities?

12/30/2010 By Anne Adams