Review: tEEth’s Home Made

tEEth’s award-winning piece explores the glories and ravages of a long-term relationship. It returns from an acclaimed touring run for a one-night-only...

04/14/2011 By Anne Adams

scene & herd

April’s First Thursday

A fly-by of a few April arts impressions.

04/12/2011 By Anne Adams


Review: Ten Reasons To See Billy Elliot

This tap-dancing, tear-jerking Broadway favorite has a lot going for it.

04/09/2011 By Anne Adams

from the p.m. pages

Q&A: Lewis Black

"Laughter is one of the few things that allow us to hang on to sanity."

04/07/2011 By Anne Adams

monday fun

Soul’d Out Festival Video Roundup

Hip-hop down memory lane with the fest’s biggest names.

04/04/2011 By Anne Adams

fresh prints

"Breast Prints" Update: April Fool’s Joke Goes Legit

Thanks to Storm’s largesse, yesterday’s joke is today’s opportunity.

04/02/2011 By Anne Adams

arts & entertainment

Storm Large Auctions "Breast Prints" For Charity

The PDX diva has found yet another way to make an impression.

04/01/2011 By Anne Adams

personality plus

Henry Rollins at Alberta Rose

03/31/2011 By Anne Adams

culture cheat-sheet

The Many Faces of Danielson

Culturephile offers a brief video tutorial on the long-running fringe-cult family band that’s about to stop by Mississippi Studios.

03/30/2011 By Anne Adams


Sarah Vowell at Bagdad

03/29/2011 By Anne Adams


Review: Jack Goes Boating

Artists Rep’s latest makes a feel-good spring splash.

03/24/2011 By Anne Adams


Plot Tease: Futura

Culturephile reveals a few of Futura ’s best twists.

03/23/2011 By Anne Adams


Exclusive: Logan Lynn World Premiere

Portland electronica phenom Logan Lynn gives Portland Monthly first dibs on his new video, Quickly As We Pass!

03/21/2011 By Anne Adams


Modern Dance Weekend

San Franciscan, Walt Whitman, ballet-infused…which will you choose?

03/18/2011 By Anne Adams


Laurie Herrick at MoCC

The Museum of Contemporary Craft highlights a master weaver, and champions her craft.

03/17/2011 By Anne Adams


Preview: NWDP

Northwest Dance Project set to present two new pieces.

03/17/2011 By Anne Adams


Review: On The Eve of Friday Morning

Fruit, nuts, and Persian food-for-thought from Oregon Children’s Theater.

03/15/2011 By Anne Adams

tune in: television

Portlandia Season 1: Final Thoughts

Book-ending the discussion with two parallel sketches.

03/14/2011 By Anne Adams

culture cheat-sheet

Video Preview: In Site Part II

This weekend, Disjecta presents Kathleen Keogh. Culturephile sneaks a peek at her prior work.

03/11/2011 By Anne Adams