Art In The Pearl

08/31/2011 By Anne Adams

unsung hero

New Album: Jason Leonard

Jason Leonard pays his dues in the background of some of Portland’s finest folk acts, but he also does awfully nice work on his own.

08/24/2011 By Anne Adams


Review: Mamma Mia

5 carefully chosen words for a musical that’s obviously found its audience.

08/24/2011 By Anne Adams


Amber Tamblyn Plays Poet

08/23/2011 By Anne Adams

ballerina dreamin'

OBT’s "Coffee Break" Series

Oregon Ballet Theater shows you how to bring battement balance and plié poise to your office job.

08/22/2011 By Anne Adams


Fall Arts Preview 2011

From theater and dance to a 16th-century masterpiece painting, the fall season of arts offerings is ripe with couples’ collaborations.

08/19/2011 By Randy Gragg and Anne Adams

meet & greet

Meet PICA’s New Artistic Director

On the cusp of her arrival at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Angela Mattox talks about her big vision—and her first impressions.

08/17/2011 By Anne Adams

ticket alert

Esperanza at the Armory

08/15/2011 By Anne Adams

culture choice

Two Victorian Thrillers

These mid-summer musicals have a decidedly Dickensian twist.

08/11/2011 By Anne Adams

wig out

Monday Fun: Hedwig

08/08/2011 By Anne Adams

read up

Portland Zine Reader’s Guide

Just in time for Zine Symposium, Floating World Comics owner Jason Leivian shares a few favorite titles.

08/06/2011 By Anne Adams

bull and bear

Slideshow: First Thursday

Four safe bets for First Thursday browsing, and a slide show of one of August’s wildest offerings.

08/04/2011 By Anne Adams

rey of light

Album Release: Rachel Taylor Brown

The relatively obscure but undeniably excellent local songstress finally reveals her seventh album, World So Sweet.

07/28/2011 By Anne Adams

Now Read This

It Looked Different on the Model

Witty Eugene author tries to fit in with the locals, to no avail.

07/22/2011 By Anne Adams


7 PDX Pop Picks

07/21/2011 By Anne Adams


A Movable Metal Menagerie

Werks Gallery hosts intricate, interactive animal sculptures hewn from spare parts.

07/20/2011 By Anne Adams


My Mind Is Like an Open Meadow

See for yourself: it’s as stunning as everyone says.

07/18/2011 By Anne Adams

promo pile gold

Jay Clarke’s Instrumental Impulses

The man who plays with Dolorean and Grails and records as "Ash Black Bufflo," waxes philosophical about an epic record that took him 5 years to make.

07/18/2011 By Anne Adams

gallery review

Slideshow: July Gallery Goods

A poignant comment on Lady Liberty, art nouveau made new again, and a water-snake lies in wait.

07/11/2011 By Anne Adams