theater review

Oklahoma! Closing Thoughts

A look back on the discussion that the all-black production inspired, and an apt comparison to another current production: Gem of the Ocean.

11/04/2011 By Anne Adams

the 51%

Siren Nation Expands Its Borders

"Women who are innovators, beyond the constraints of any genre…"

11/04/2011 By Anne Adams

gallery grazing

First Thursday Sampler

11/02/2011 By Anne Adams

la musica

Dia de los Muertos 2011

Tonight’s festivities at Holocene offer up authentic Mexicana to a diverse crowd of reverent revelers.

11/01/2011 By Anne Adams


LAIKA Shares "ParaNorman" Trailer

A treat from the local animation house, just in time for Halloween!

10/29/2011 By Anne Adams

ghostly goings-on

Halloween Happenings Guide

Portland Monthly’s Bar Pilot blog finds the best Halloween haunts.

10/28/2011 By Anne Adams

culture cheat-sheet

Gomyo Plays Beethoven

Oregon Symphony’s upcoming guest has a coveted instrument and laudable credentials.

10/26/2011 By Anne Adams

toxic turkey

Review: The Pain and the Itch

Third Rail Repertory’s Thanksgiving play challenges lip-service liberals to become better listeners.

10/24/2011 By Anne Adams

from the newsstand

Wordstock Short Fiction Winner

Read Monona Wali’s A Certain Kind of Woman.

10/21/2011 By Anne Adams

gallery grazing

Midmonth Gallery Alternatives

Though you may have walked "the walk" a couple weeks ago, there’s still plenty of treasure left to seek.

10/20/2011 By Anne Adams

rights of passage

Review: Gem of the Ocean

10/19/2011 By Anne Adams

suspending disbelief

Kinetic Sculpture + Modern Dance

This week, White Bird Uncaged presents Chunky Move’s Connected, a marvelously low-tech depiction of virtual space.

10/17/2011 By Anne Adams


High Note

Vancouver's Edna Vazquez is a rising star on Spanish television.

10/14/2011 By Anne Adams

from the newsstand

PAM Goes Wild

Find out more about Portland Art Museum’s Shine A Light.

10/13/2011 By Anne Adams

capital old chaps

Review: No Man’s Land

William Hurt and his son drink like fish and spar like strangers in this terse Pinter play.

10/13/2011 By Anne Adams

skirts v straps

Slideshow: OBT’s Petrouchka/Carmen

10/10/2011 By Anne Adams

chew it over

Artists Apply, Diners Decide

Portland STOCK invites you to apply for a time-based arts grant—or plan to attend a dinner party where the entries will be judged.

10/08/2011 By Anne Adams

vox populi

Occupy Portland: Read The Signs

On the first day of an indefinite "occupation" of downtown Portland, here are some messages that protesters wrote on their placards.

10/06/2011 By Anne Adams


First Thursday Sampler

10/06/2011 By Anne Adams

too many 'toons man

5 Questions for Too Much Coffee Man’s Shannon Wheeler

The almost unbelievably prolific cartoonist talks shop about his 5 titles.

10/05/2011 By Anne Adams