noted & quoted

Susan Beal

05/25/2011 By Anne Adams

monday fun

Long Live Viva Voce

If you missed this brilliant pop couple yesterday—be sure to see them next month.

05/23/2011 By Anne Adams


Home Maker

With Portland's prevailing DIY ethos a fact of life, it's no wonder we're embracing author Susan Beal's crafty ways.

05/20/2011 By Anne Adams


PDX Pop Now! Unveils Comp CD

The free, all-ages music festival launches its 2011 flagship.

05/19/2011 By Anne Adams

monday fun

Monday Fun: Red Fang

Meet your local metal.

05/16/2011 By Anne Adams

noted & quoted

Sarah Vowell

05/16/2011 By Anne Adams


Barak Marshall

The award-winning Israeli choreographer of MONGER talks about storytelling, overcoming ethnic tensions, and helping audiences "get" dance.

05/14/2011 By Anne Adams

culture cheat-sheet

Preview: Uncanny Valley

Hand2Mouth’s latest work, named after a theory that explains robots’ unfortunate credibility issues, hurtles into the mysterious realm of "m...

05/10/2011 By Anne Adams

noted & quoted

Dave Depper

05/09/2011 By Anne Adams

monday fun

Monday Fun: Harvey Danger

05/09/2011 By Anne Adams

weekend plans

Best Mother’s Day Dates

Entertaining Mom this weekend? Check this handy guide to find the best fit.

05/05/2011 By Anne Adams

noted & quoted

Ron Funches

05/05/2011 By Anne Adams


Anne Mueller’s Ballet Memories

Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Principal Dancer reminisces about some of her favorite experiences as she prepares to retire this weekend.

04/28/2011 By Anne Adams


Willy Vlautin Wins Oregon Book Award!

The Ken Kesey Award for Fiction goes to the Richmond Fontaine singer and gritty ruralist for his latest, Lean On Pete.

04/26/2011 By Anne Adams


Review: Opus

Portland Center Stage’s latest play says a bit about chamber music—but a lot more about people.

04/21/2011 By Anne Adams

scene & herd

Switchyard Studios

A peek into a thriving Southeast art-and-lecture cabal.

04/20/2011 By Anne Adams

visual art

John Henry Egan at Red E

John Henry Egan’s abstract textures expertly mimic a lucky accident.

04/19/2011 By Anne Adams


Preview: Hauschka at Holocene

"Life is extremely boring if you don’t keep testing limits."

04/18/2011 By Anne Adams