Style Editor

Eden Dawn (a rare born-and-raised Oregonian) used her bachelor’s degrees in English Lit and Fashion Design to elbow her way to the position of style editor. With a love for all things style she’s provided shopping guides for Portland’s vintage hunters, hung out in the glitter-filled closet of drag queen legend Darcelleinterviewed Tim Gunn on Project Runway’s love affair with Portland, and styled fashion features extravagant enough to make Jay Gatsby blush.

When she’s not writing do’s and dont’s for the city, she’s styling the fashion features for Portland Bride & Groom or giving advice on where to shop in Travel Portland. In non-fashion moments she can be found in search of the perfect picnic location or hunkered down at home with her handsome boyfriend and two (borderline dictatorial) girl cats.


Vegetables to Plant Now

07/01/2011 By Kate Bryant


Fashion Framed

Fashion designer Janine Ellenbeck and photographer Brendan Coughlin work it out.

07/01/2011 By Eden Dawn


Beards From Below

An oddly fascinating phenomenon.

06/30/2011 By Eden Dawn

Compassion is Fashion

Iridio Benefit

A benefit fundraiser for a worthy cause.

06/30/2011 By Eden Dawn

I'm special

Boutique Spotlight: Tumbleweed

Chances are you’ve passed this boutique on Alberta in the last decade, but how much do you know about them?

06/29/2011 By Eden Dawn


Forest Park Guide: Wildlife Crossing

Exploring Forest Park’s animal magnetism.

06/29/2011 By Rachel Ritchie


Vox Populi

We hit the Beaverton Farmers Market to find out what's on your mind.



Sunshine Tavern

Sunshine Tavern's bill of fare embellishes and upgrades some familiar Portland dishes.

06/29/2011 By Rachel Ritchie


Forest Park Guide: The Best Runs

Pick up the pace and work up a sweat—and an appetite—on a pair of park runs.

06/29/2011 Edited by Brian Barker

Get Out

Forest Park Guide: The Best Hikes

There's no shortage of hiking trails in Forest Park. The trick is picking a favorite.

06/29/2011 Edited by Brian Barker


Forest Park Guide: The New Face of Forest Park

Forest Park finally has a full-time ranger—and renewed support from the city.

06/29/2011 By Brian Barker

Insider's Guide

Forest Park Guide

Forest Park is a natural treasure that's worth playing in and protecting.

06/29/2011 Edited by Brian Barker

Corner Shop

Indie Lane

A trip to the mall is not typically a great way to learn about local fashion. But Burnside's 811 mall is anything but typical.

06/29/2011 By Eden Dawn


Fantasy Mayor 2012

Perhaps the perfect Portland mayor can be found among the pages of history.

06/29/2011 By Zach Dundas


Scene & Heard: Ghost Hunters

Scaring up ghosts is not as easy as it looks.

06/29/2011 By Sarah Mirk


The Perfect Party: July 2011

The Dude abides at this month's Perfect Party.


i heart videos

Eden Dawn on Localite

If you’ve got 27 minutes to kill, here you go.

06/28/2011 By Eden Dawn

News Bit

Nordic Fashion & You

An excuse to visit Seattle and a chance to win a trip to Reykjavik.

06/28/2011 By Eden Dawn


Inside the Bent Brick

Park Kitchen’s Scott Dolich shows off his new tavern, a cozy ivy-decked locale with an eye toward the future of food.

06/27/2011 By Allison Jones

Runway Happiness

Alley 33 Fashion Show

This Hawthorne affair takes the definition of street fashion to a new height.

06/27/2011 By Eden Dawn