Portland’s Best Bars for Late-Night Eating

It’s not all tater tots and cheese fries at these food-focused after-hours watering holes.

By Alex Keith March 1, 2016

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Crispy Pata AKA “pied de cochon,” available until midnight at Clyde Common.

It’s an all-too-frequent conundrum: you’ve spent all night drinking, and the city’s early-to-bed restaurants have already extinguished their flames. You could throw in the towel and head home, or you could explore Portland’s late-night* culinary gems, from superior barbecue, to ramen, to fancy French cooking—all of them sporting a full bar. Belly up and get ready for your second wind.

*Hours given are for a typical Saturday night. Some restaurants/bars may close earlier during the weekdays.

Open Late 

Clyde Common
Last Call: midnight
Skip into this swanky hotel eatery anytime until midnight and enjoy a full dinner menu of shareable dishes and even “feasts” for the table. Pass around plates of beets with chimichurri, crab with uni butter, and smoked duck with kabocha squash gnocchi, or go big with a deep-fried pig’s foot, served claw and all. Put yourself to bed with caramel panna cotta or coconut mousse—there are rooms right next door, after all.

La Moule
Last Call: midnight
There’s nothing quite so romantic as a heaping bowl of mussels served with crisp, golden fries in a dark, Francophile-inspired nook (maybe a bit messy for squeamish first dates). The only difficulty at this sexy Clinton Street brasserie is choosing a flavor, which range from the classic Marinière with garlic, white wine, butter, capers, herbs, to a Thai twist with green curry paste and coconut milk.

Little Bird Bistro
Last Call: midnight
End your evening out on a classy note at this sweet downtown spot serving French fare courtesy of James Beard Award-winning chef Gabriel Rucker. Chase a dozen oysters with truffled foie gras au torchon, or opt for the Double Brie Burger, fantastically juicy, cloaked in cheese funk, and lifted with sharp, mustardy béarnaise and spicy, crunchy, pickle-intensive ketchup. 

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Tvorog Vareniki dumplings at Kachka.

Image: Allison Jones

Last Call: midnight
After drinking vodka all night, it’s only right to cap the night with Russian eats from Kachka’s happy hour menu. Go for the dumplings—Tvorog Vareniki, oozing with farmer’s cheese and scallions, or Siberian Pelmeni, filled with beef, pork, veal and onion. And, of course, there’s always more horseradish-infused vodka.

Smokehouse Tavern
Last Call: midnight
This is one of the few BBQ joints in southeast Portland, and the only one serving brisket burnt ends and spare ribs until midnight. But it’s the Smokehouse burger—a ground chuck and brisket patty topped with marrow, bacon-onion jam, and American cheese—that you’ll want to get your hands on (available after 9 pm only).

Open Really Late

The Tannery Bar
Last Call: 1 am
Tucked inside a cinder-block bunker off of E Burnside, this cozy neighborhood watering hole is home to some of the best post-midnight comfort food in town. Under the soothing light of gas lanterns, beautifully marbled hanger steak with crisp, golden fries, and a fluffy, marionberry-dipped Monte Cristo on Pullman bread slide through the open kitchen until last call.

Last Call: 1:30 am 
Even sober you can’t pronounce the menu items at Stammtisch (German for “regulars' table”), but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your grub on with all kinds of schnitzels and wursts. Sample bratwurst, weisswurst, or knackwurst with sauerkraut and house mustard—or go for the Schweinshaxen—brined and slow roasted pork shoulder shank with spätzle and red cabbage. 

Loyal Legion
Last Call: 2 am
It truly is a sausage fest at this all-Oregon beer hall, with a full lineup from Olympia Provisions. Whether it’s kielbasa, smoked chorizo, Andouille, or cheese-stuffed kasekrainer, each sausage gets a two-minute beer bath before being grilled and topped with your choice of kraut, onions, or peppers. Pro tip? Put it in a pretzel roll.

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Shio ramen at Noraneko

Last Call: 2 am
Biwa’s ramen-focused sister joint, Noraneko is a bar with healthy sensibilities (should you choose to be proactive about your impending hangover). A bowl of noodles (shio, shoyu, miso, or surprisingly hearty mushroom) can be chased with a carrot juice or Lion Heart kombucha at this late-night spot under the Hawthorne Bridge. The shochu cocktails are pretty amazing, too.

Open Really, Really Late

Luc Lac
Last Call: 4 am
Luc Lac remains the gold standard for seriously late-night eating. On the rare occasion that you find yourself awake (and downtown) at 3:30 am, nothing will satisfy like the steaming pho brimming with sweet, anise-steeped broth and springy rice noodles, the cool salads with rare steak in citrus and herbs, or the pork sausage banh mi.

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