Casablanca 2.0

A Lake Oswego native re-creates cinema's most legendary bar in Morocco.

01/25/2013 By Alexis Rehrmann

Best Restaurants 2012

Best of the Rest

Still hungry? We've culled the 35 local restaurants that should remain in any food lover's regular rotation.

10/16/2012 Edited by Rachel Ritchie and Karen Brooks

In Town/On Stage

In the Heights

Beneath the song and dance pyrotechnics, it feels like home.

07/24/2012 By Alexis Rehrmann

Theater Review

The Missing Pieces

Portland Playhouse’s Fertile Ground offering runs only through this weekend.

01/27/2011 By Alexis Rehrmann

phile under: theater

The Imaginary Invalid at PCS

A bodily and bawdy new adaptation of Moliére’s comedy of medical manners, takes to the PCS mainstage.

01/19/2011 By Alexis Rehrmann

2010 Best Bars

How to Buy a Lady (or Gent) a Drink

Want a phone number? Start with a drink.

11/17/2010 By Alexis Rehrmann


The Gray Sisters

Do not sleep through this elegiac tour de force.

05/14/2010 By Alexis Rehrmann

phile under: theater

On Stages: An Uplifting Melancholy, A Sorted Adventure

Melancholy Play at Portland Actor’s Conservatory and Mike’s Incredible Indian Adventure at PCS

04/29/2010 By Alexis Rehrmann


Cello Shots

An in-depth discourse on what happens when the appletini goes out of style.

04/23/2010 By Rachel Ritchie

Cliff jumping, cooking classes, and air hockey tournaments

Fun For Ages 11-15

An assortment of activities your pre-teen can participate in and later document in their diary.

04/21/2010 Edited by Kasey Cordell By Rachel Ritchie


Paradise Ross

The Ross Island collective is examined and dissected, with the primary focus being its ecological resilience.

04/20/2010 By Zach Dundas

phile under: theater

Coho’s World Premier Summer

Tickets for Coho Production’s summer season is on sale now.

04/15/2010 By Alexis Rehrmann

phile under: Theater

Grab the Chance to See August Wilson’s Final Play

Radio Golf is onstage now at Portland Playhouse.

04/07/2010 By Alexis Rehrmann


Yards Apart

Front-yard frills come in all shapes and sizes—you too can have a luxury lawn.

03/15/2010 By Camela Raymond

The Mudroom

Perfect Pairings

Enjoy a cold one while you wait for a restaurant as we examine four ambiguously adept combos of eat and drink.

03/15/2010 By Kasey Cordell, Rachel Ritchie, Amber Villa-Zang, and Avz

phile under: theater

The 39 Steps

Alfred Hitchcock cavorts on the Armory stage

03/12/2010 By Alexis Rehrmann

@$&#$% Rats!

See ’em This Weekend

Remember how you totally meant to see American Buffalo? This weekend is your last chance.

03/04/2010 By Alexis Rehrmann


The New Season at Portland Center Stage

It’s epic. It’s local. Subscriptions are now on sale.

03/02/2010 By Alexis Rehrmann


The Food Lovers’ Guide

We take our food seriously here in the Rose City, so it pays to know— where it grows, where to find it, and how to prepare it. Our indispensable Food Lovers Guide...

02/15/2010 By Mike Thelin, Eva Hagberg, Martin Patail, and Kaitlyn Evans