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Benjamin Tepler edits Portland Monthly’s Eat & Drink section, manages the Eat Beat blog, and writes across various departments, with a special love for weird science and the great outdoors. 

The New York native and Oberlin College graduate joined Portland Monthly in 2010, equipped with a culinary degree and a failed career in marine biology. To counter-balance his high-caloric diet, Benjamin spends his free time running, hiking, and climbing up Oregon’s various peaks. 


Seattle Over Portland: Sunset Magazine’s Fighting Words

Sunset Magazine declares Seattle’s food scene superior to Portland’s in their “Northwest smackdown”…are you gonna take this sitting down?

06/22/2011 By Benjamin Tepler


Bites for Rights

Genoa and Accanto bring back-to-back feasts in support of Basic Rights Oregon.

06/14/2011 By Benjamin Tepler


Skin & Bones: Only the Good Stuff

A new, quirky little Burnside bistro brings seasonal dining eastward.

06/08/2011 By Benjamin Tepler


Peak Sheep

In which we explain why your gyro is getting a bit spendier.

05/20/2011 By Benjamin Tepler


The Cookbook Queens

Rock-star cookbook writers Heidi Swanson and Kim Boyce team up for a foodie extravaganza, complete with book signings and beer.

04/27/2011 By Benjamin Tepler


Flower Futures

Woodburn Nursery & Azaleas awaits the coming spring to see if sales are blooming after a two-year decline.

04/22/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Food News

The Dough Runs Dry

Voodoo Doughnuts gets a spring overhaul; new doughnuts coming soon

04/21/2011 By Benjamin Tepler


In the Kitchen with Alissa Rozos

Portland Monthly presents: In the Kitchen. Watch as Alissa Rozos, pastry chef at St. Jack Restaurant, shows us how to make her scrumptious madeleine cookies.

04/14/2011 Edited by Benjamin Tepler

In the Kitchen

Video: In the Kitchen with Alissa Rozos

Alissa Rozos, the pastry chef at St. Jack Restaurant, shows us how to make her scrumptious madeleine cookies.

04/14/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Holiday Eats

Passover Redux: The Portland Seder

Lincoln’s Jenn Louis serves up Passover options for discerning palates.

04/13/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Wine Weekend

The Pinot Pilgrimage

Sniff, swish, and spit your way through the Willamette Wine Trail Weekend.

04/06/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Food News

Au Revoir, Fenouil

The Pearl District’s Fenouil shutters after a six-year run.

04/05/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Food News

Genoa’s Affordable Renaissance

Portland’s bastion of elaborate meals slims down for mid-week dining.

03/30/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Restaurant Opening

Pocket-Sized Pok Pok

With Pok Pok Noi, Andy Ricker’s greatest Thai street food hits come to NE Prescott Street. Get in line.

03/30/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Restaurant Opening

Wining and Dining

Celebrated Thistle chef Eric Bechard opens Community Plate in McMinnville.

03/25/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

First Impressions

New Chicks on the Block

Cocotte busts open its French doors with Northwest plates and chicken-themed accouterments in tow.

03/23/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Eat This Now

Where the Wild Things Are

Southeast Portland’s new Over the Top food cart cooks up a big buck hunter’s dream with elk, bison, venison, and boar.

03/08/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Eat This Now

The Search for Portland's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

What says perfection…and where you can find it? We pounded the pavement in search of the chewy, the crisp, and the hand-crafted so you wouldn’t have to.

02/23/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Charitable Eats

Food Philanthropy (Free Pancakes!)

Whole Foods and IHOP serve up two can’t-miss foodie events to mark on your calendar

02/23/2011 By Benjamin Tepler


Pendleton: The Portland Collection – Q&A

The first interview Pendleton and its Portland Collection designers have given!

02/10/2011 By Eden Dawn