gardening school

Plants from Far Reaches

08/16/2012 By Kate Bryant


Tour de Hives and Bee-Friendly Gardens

and learn how to create a garden that is both beautiful and pollinator-friendly

08/14/2012 By Kate Bryant

get dirty

Crucial Summer Tips to Help Young Trees

It’s the worst time to plant a tree – but the best to water, weed and mulch!

08/13/2012 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Fern Fiesta

an annual horticultural festival of ferns (and unusual, locally-grown plants)

08/10/2012 By Kate Bryant

free stuff

Zoo Doo!

a fantastic – and free! – local soil amendment resource

08/07/2012 By Kate Bryant

get dirty

Plant Fall Vegetables!

-there’s plenty of time to get a bountiful fall and winter garden growing

08/07/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant pick of the week

Berkheya purpurea: a thistle gone good

A thistle worth growing!

07/30/2012 By Kate Bryant

weekend events

Dance with the Plants!

Summer Garden Festival at Dancing Oaks Nursery

07/27/2012 By Kate Bryant

horticultural travels

Exploring Vancouver, BC’s Luscious Botanical Gardens

VanDusen and University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens

07/25/2012 By Kate Bryant

upcoming events

Cracked Pots Art Show

It’s the 13th annual "show and sell" for the funky recycled arts institution

07/22/2012 By Kate Bryant

novel idea


More home-grown or home-made food or produce than you can eat? Here’s your solution!

07/18/2012 By Kate Bryant


Summertime: The Living Is Easy

There are still tasks that need tending, but for the most part, gardeners can enjoy a well-deserved respite in August.

07/18/2012 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Garden Dialogues

The Cultural Landscape Foundation’s brilliant idea: bring landscape architects and their clients together for a conversation about the design process

07/11/2012 By Kate Bryant

get dirty

Summer Garden Projects

07/10/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant this!

Five Perennial Picks for Portland Gardeners

a visit to the garden of Portland Monthly staffer Scott Weber

07/06/2012 By Kate Bryant

gardening school

Small-Flowered Clematis

learn how to grow them and work them into your garden from one of the Pacific Northwest’s top Clematis experts

06/29/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant this!

Mock Orange: Tender but Tough

an early summer favorite fills the air with fragrance

06/28/2012 By Kate Bryant

places to go


A charming new retail plant nursery at NE 23rd & Alberta.

06/21/2012 By Kate Bryant

pollinator conservation

Three Ways To Help Pollinators in Your Garden

06/20/2012 By Kate Bryant

things to do


It’s a patio furniture swap meet!

06/19/2012 By Kate Bryant