things to do

Garden Conservancy Open Garden Days

Five gardens in the Hillsboro/Aloha area open Sat June 23rd

06/15/2012 By Kate Bryant


Beat the Heat

July is a busy month for garden enthusiasts so keep an eye on the thermometer.

06/15/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant this!

Uncommon Roses

Rose City’s roses have much more to offer than pretty flowers

06/12/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant geek's corner

Raconteur and Seed Collector Steve Newall Talks Plants!

watch out – attending might just inspire you book the next flight to the Land of the Long White Cloud!

06/07/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant this!

Cape Fuchsia

colorful, adaptable and one of the best hummingbird plants around

06/05/2012 By Kate Bryant

get dirty

What To Do About Slugs

fascinating creatures, but not so great when they’re devouring your plants…

05/25/2012 By Kate Bryant


Survival of the Rosiest

The subject is roses and Plantwise writer Kate Bryant has some budding advice.

05/25/2012 By Kate Bryant

Insider's Guide to the Gorge

Wildflowers and Waterfalls in the Gorge

The transcendant beauty on displaying in the Gorge is both growing and flowing.

05/25/2012 By Kate Bryant

what's new

Specialty Annuals

keep an eye out for unusual annual flowers this spring!

05/21/2012 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Vertical Gardening Class, RPR Open House and Clematis Garden Tour

great weekend gardening events

05/18/2012 By Kate Bryant

Things to do

News Flash: Amy Stewart Does "Wicked Bugs" in Portland!

Come out tonight and listen to her entertaining discussion on how humans and bugs’ lives intersect.

05/11/2012 By Kate Bryant

get dirty

When to Plant Veggies…

There’s plenty you can plant right now but hold off just a little longer on the warm-weather crops

05/08/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant sale

Clackamas County Spring Garden Fair

the last major plant sale of the spring coming up this weekend!

05/01/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant of the week

Sweetly-Scented Stock

a contemporary-looking species of a sweet, old-fashioned plant

04/30/2012 By Kate Bryant


Spring Forward!

Our plant expert explains that spring is "go time" in the garden.

04/27/2012 By Kate Bryant

design ideas

Planning: Daffodils and Tulips

plan your spring 2013 bulbs now, while you can remember what worked and what didn’t

04/25/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant sale

Japanese Garden Plant Sale

you can find both rare and traditional plants suitable for Asian-style gardens, and simply native to Asia

04/24/2012 By Kate Bryant