Long Story Short

The Rugger

Meet San Juanita Moreno, 26-year-old from Eastern Oregon, who has found her place in Rugby amongst Portland's premier women's team and the Olympic US national team.

02/15/2010 By Rachel Ritchie

The Mudroom

Mission: Possible

Amity inventor Jarem Frye's revolutionary prosthetic knee gives amputees hope—and the chance to compete in action sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

02/02/2010 By Jill Davis

Top Docs 2010

Team Trauma

They're the subject of TV melodramas, they see us on our worst days. We asked the emergency room doctors of our Top Docs list to tell us what it takes to work in the ER, what they love about their job, and which patients they'll never forget.

12/15/2009 By Kasey Cordell and Randy Gragg With Brian Barker


Top Doctors 2010

We asked 5,000 doctors and 2,000 nurses chosen at random from throughout the tri-county area and southern Washington to participate in compiling this.



Branch Science

Oregon State University researcher Steven Strauss wants to engineer genetically-modified trees that could change the world and help the ecosystem. His obstacle? A legion of anti-GMO environmentalists.

12/11/2009 By David Wolman


Ski Buddies

Hooking up with the Mount Hood Ski Patrol



Pickup Schtick

Dating coach Alma Rubenstein tries to teach the hapless singles of Portland how to find each other to mixed results.

11/09/2009 By Betsy Rothstein


Slide Show: Hoop There It Is!

_Portland Monthly_ photographer Heather Zinger experiences the excitement of hula hooping in the city.


Web Exclusive

Hoop There It Is!

_Portland Monthly_ photographer Heather Zinger experiences the excitement of hula hooping in the city.



Does Portland's New Bike Plan Measure Up to Our City's Cycling Reputation?

One urban planner says not quite.

09/10/2009 By Randy Gragg


Gray Matters

Oregon ranks 13th in the nation in brain health: how did we get there and how can we become healthier?

08/18/2009 By Kasey Cordell


Wired Science

In one OHSU study, even the smallest actions of older Portlanders may yield critical clues about how we age.

05/19/2009 By Tom Colligan


The New Old

If you must grow old (and sorry, you must), you may be living in the right place. As the number of seniors doubles, Portland is poised to show the rest of the country what it really means to age gracefully. "*Vital Signs*":http://www.portlandmonthlyma

05/19/2009 By Tom Colligan, Randy Gragg, and Camas Davis


Tell Us about Your Pet Pup

Where do you find the best in pet care, toys, and activities? We want to hear from you in our "*Readers' Choice Pet Survey*":https://sagacity.wufoo.com/forms/portland-monthlys-pet-survey/. Top picks will be published in our February issue.



Vital Signs

If you must grow old (and sorry, you must), you may be in the right place.

05/19/2009 By Camas Davis


Mind the Gap

Buying green sure sounds like a good idea. But it's also a luxury not everyone has.

05/19/2009 By Camela Raymond


Mother’s Helper

Award-winning doula Christy Hall talks about jailhouse births, modern feminism, and the postpartum watercooler.

05/19/2009 By Randy Gragg


Power From the People

A Northeast Portland gym charges up with green energy—and sweat.

05/19/2009 By John Chandler

Try It

Proven Practice?

Researchers put alternative medicine to the test.

05/19/2009 By Camela Raymond


Footing the Bill

Oregon insurance carriers say yes to alternative medicine.

05/19/2009 By Camela Raymond