Milwaukie’s Best

A fussy vacation home becomes a stylish family hangout in Portland's most undersung riverside 'burb.

08/17/2012 By Camela Raymond


Works of Heart

In the Portland Art Museum's expanding installation, Object Stories, people from all walks of life share their cherished objects and what they mean. The museum will host a reception o march 12 featuring Storm Large and Mayor Sam Adams.

02/14/2011 By Randy Gragg

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Picture Puzzle

A small adventure into "salon-style" picture hanging. Think: European museums. Frames both big and small mixed together and displayed from floor to ceiling.

05/28/2010 By Rachel DeSchepper

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Summer Blaze

A basic how-to guide to home firepits.

05/27/2010 By Emily Cable

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Planting Privacy

Kick the old wooden fence to the curb and protect your backyard from the eyes of nosy neighbors with a technique called "privacy planting," or the usage of trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses to fashion an earthy, living wall.

05/27/2010 By Ashley Griffin

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Small World

Looking for a stress reliever? Try bonsai. Bonsai are intentionally stunted trees that have long been popular in Japan: the upkeep of these trees is considered an ancient art. But the beauty, small size, and ease of upkeep have made bonsai popular the wor

05/27/2010 By Alyce Legasse

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Tree Hugging

Planting new trees is more complicated than meets the eye. Learn how to pick the right trees and plant in the right spots to insure that your organic addition survives the test of time.

05/27/2010 By Kate Bryant

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Very Berry Blue

Blueberries aren't for the impatient, but the wait is worthwhile. Planting your own blueberry patch cuts out the sometimes expensive middleman, and who doesn't like easy access berries? Learn all the intricacies of blueberry patch planting with our instru

05/27/2010 By Kate Bryant

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Herbal Infusion

Low-maintenance evergreen herbs add color and fragrance to any balcony plant box, kitchen windowsill, or backyard garden, and give your culinary creations the bang they need to really impress your taste buds. Learn what's right in the world of herbs with

05/27/2010 By Diana Hauer

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Playing With Mud

Unlike most paints, clay plaster has a low environmental impact: It is nontoxic, contains no volatile organic compounds, and it isn’t heated to high temperatures in production. When applied properly, it is also mold-resistant, breathable, and fairly easy

05/27/2010 By Melissa Dalton

Portland Spaces: Handbook

A Moveable Feast

The key to backyard dining is the picnic table, and a good one could cost you a small fortune. Avoid the steep costs and learn how to build your own with this detailed guide.

05/27/2010 By Rachel Ritchie

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Backyard Baths

Outdoor bathing may sound like a childish or even risque behavior, but it can prove not only sustainable, but stimulating, sensory, and even sensuous to boot. Learn how to construct your own outdoor bathtub with this introductory guide.

05/27/2010 By Jon Hart

Nothing But the Truth

Call of Duty

Anna Sachse went into jury duty with visions of Law and Order, excited to be a part of the judicial system. She left with a much different vision: our system needs help.

01/19/2010 By Anna Sachse


Revisionist History

Think antique-reproduction furnishings, flea-market treasures, and romantic touches like strands of ivy climbing the interior walls of a living room. The result—a rare aura of beauty, refinement, and authenticity—is something that Jay Gatsby w

05/26/2009 By Camela Raymond


Fair Catch

Bamboo Sushi offers Portland restaurant goers a taste of sustainability. Founded on the philosophy of promoting sustainable fishing practices, Bamboo is now famously certified by the Green Restaurant Association as the first “green” sushi restaurant in th

05/19/2009 By Martha Calhoon


Cursed Kitchen?

In a Victorian on SE Hawthorne Boulevard, the chef of Belly Timber tries to transcend the building's troubled past.

05/19/2009 By Camas Davis


Ponzi 2007 Whites and Rosés

Our Critic's Top Wine Picks

05/19/2009 By Condé Cox


Fool Proof

Once banned from being sold domestically because it was thought to drive people mad, absinthe makes a comeback in Portland.

05/19/2009 By Tom Colligan

Deck the Walls

You Need Art

That Georgia O'Keeffe poster in your foyer, the one you bought in 1989 to cheer up your college dorm room? That's so not grown-up décor.

05/19/2009 By Camela Raymond


Shaky Ground

When a fine dining establishment called Terroir opens three blocks north of a Popeye's, it's got a lot to live up to. Or does it?

05/19/2009 By Camas Davis