The Grocery Store Cart

With her short story "The Grocery Store Cart," Marian Pierce won the 2009 short fiction competition of the Wordstock book and literary festival. Chosen by Oregon writer Barry Lopez, this story won her $1,000 and publication in Portland Monthly.

09/10/2009 By Marian Pierce


Venturing Forth

Swearing he’d never be a banker like his father (and grandfather and great-grandfather), John Haines fled his office in the Wells Fargo Tower to kayak the world’s wild rivers and pioneer new paths in finance. Ten years after an accident confined him to a

09/10/2009 By Ted Katauskas

Hit List

Autumn Done Right

Here are the ingredients to a great autumn day in Portland: fresh food, good beer, great costumes, ghost stories, and a picnic under Laurelhurst Park's Katsura tree.

09/10/2009 By Elizabeth Buelow


PDX Index: Fountains

Portland Monthly takes a look at local fountains.

09/10/2009 By Meghan Hilliard


Cash for Creativity

The National Endowment for the Arts was granted nearly $20 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Who in Oregon got a piece of the pie?

09/10/2009 By Kasey Cordell and Victoria Nguyen


Charting Sam

Portland astrologer Shon Clark looks to the sky to see how the stars aligned during some of Mayor Sam Adams' most famous (and infamous) days.

09/10/2009 By Shon Clark

phile under: art

One Night Only: Echo Gap

video works from 9 Portland artists

09/09/2009 By Lisa Radon

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This Ain’t No Chewing Gum

Kalup Linzy onstage at the Works

09/09/2009 By Robert Runyon

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Review: Robert Boyd’s Conspiracy Theory

09/08/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Review: Brody Condon’s Without Sun

09/08/2009 By Lisa Radon


Between Us

TBA: Tyler Wallace & Nicole Dill at The Works

09/07/2009 By Alexis Rehrmann

phile under: TBA dance review

Review: locust’s Crushed

09/07/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Erased James Franco

An actor, a leather chair, a fern, and a prosthetic leg

09/07/2009 By Robert Runyon

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TBA at The Works: Weekend Overview

09/06/2009 By Kaitlyn Evans

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Micro Review: Young Jean Lee’s The Shipment

out of the comments/into the light

09/06/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Tonight: Ten Tiny Dances at WORKS

09/05/2009 By Lisa Radon