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Publication Fair

for the love of printed matter

12/17/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Incoming: People’s Biennial

12/16/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Action Artists on Art Focus

12/16/2009 By Lisa Radon


The Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet

We review Myrlin A. Hermes's take on _Hamlet_, where Horatio finds himself falling for the Prince of Denmark.

12/16/2009 By Veronica Martin

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Benefactor Mag Brunch at Tribute

small press brunch n’ sale



Mercer Mouse?

Details emerge of James Mercer, Danger Mouse collab


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Deep Leap Microcinema: Sacred Geometries

12/14/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Congratulations Tharp and Hutchins: Whitney Biennial!

Storm Tharp and Jessica Jackson Hutchins are tapped for Biennial

12/11/2009 By Lisa Radon


Land of the Lost

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42: if you recognize these numbers, you should check out our look at Lost's ties to Portland, and maybe even sample some of our Lost party favors.

12/11/2009 By Randy Gragg With Brian Barker

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Forth Estate at Fourteen30

12/10/2009 By Lisa Radon


The Perfect Party: January 2010

Reefer, right wingers, cowgirls, vampire lovers, and toll bridge activists hit our table this month.


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Future Death Toll

12/06/2009 By Lisa Radon


Slide Show: Future Death Toll


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Side Tangled at Half/Dozen

catching you up on the big week

12/06/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Time Ends Now

ends tomorrow

12/05/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Dancing About (Landscape) Architecture

…and a book is born

12/05/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Body Parts at FalseFront