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Concert Ticket Collecting

When to buy (now!) and what to see in the 503

05/11/2010 By Joseph Manuel

Story Time

Mortified PDX

Lovelorn literati unburden themselves

05/05/2010 By Joseph Manuel


The Antlers and Phantogram

Ready to Buy the Record

05/04/2010 By Graham Bell

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On Stages: An Uplifting Melancholy, A Sorted Adventure

Melancholy Play at Portland Actor’s Conservatory and Mike’s Incredible Indian Adventure at PCS

04/29/2010 By Alexis Rehrmann

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Last Thursday in April

galleries in garages in alleys

04/29/2010 By Lisa Radon

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Donald Judd: Delegated Fabrication

a rare opportunity to see work by minimalist master

04/28/2010 By Lisa Radon

On the Town


Don't miss this art exhibit dedicated to the ups and downs of motherhood.


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Portland2010 Closing-ish Weekend

04/23/2010 By Lisa Radon

Now Read This

Putting Away Childish Things

Marcus J. Borg strays away from his religious nonfiction works to write a novel—a religious studies professor internally gets torn between her faith as an Episcopalian and her experiences at a liberal arts college.

04/23/2010 By Graham Bell

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Dance as Performance as Art

Tahni Holt, Culture Machine, Portland2010

04/23/2010 By Lisa Radon

Long Story [Short]

The Mystic

One-part Radio Cab navigator and one-part Tuvan throat singing maestro, Enrique Ugalde and his latest Soriah album is highlighted.

04/20/2010 By Randy Gragg

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Shakespeare Unmoored

ART’s Othello is a near miss

04/19/2010 By Graham Bell

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Time for TADA!

PICA’s annual gala is next weekend

04/17/2010 By Lisa Radon

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Judd Related

Portland artists discuss their relationship to the work of Donald Judd

04/17/2010 By Lisa Radon

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Portland2010 Artists Talk Installations

Damien Gilley, Jenene Nagy, Oregon Painting Society

04/16/2010 By Lisa Radon

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Coho’s World Premier Summer

Tickets for Coho Production’s summer season is on sale now.

04/15/2010 By Alexis Rehrmann

Culture Calendar

Date Night

Attend a stimulating lecture with that special someone?

04/13/2010 By Graham Bell

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I Want to Be a Lighthouse Keeper

04/09/2010 By Lisa Radon