Get Dirty

Plant a Tree, Get a Treebate

the program takes a break for summer – so get planting!

04/26/2010 By Kate Bryant

DIG: Your Monthly Garden Tip


This month, plant a blueblossom to add color to your garden and attract native wildlife.

04/26/2010 By Kate Bryant

Edible Gardening

Purple-Sprouting Broccoli

Nearly nine months from sowing to eating – it’s almost like having a baby!

04/24/2010 By Kate Bryant

Edible Gardening

My Vegetable Garden’s TV Debut

featuring mâche – a fantastic early spring green

04/21/2010 By Kate Bryant


Dandelions in your lawn

good? bad?

04/21/2010 By Kate Bryant

Get Dirty

Hellebore Maintenance

Get out your clippers! It’s time for a seasonal gardening task.


plant files

Tulip Time

- a great time to decide which tulips to plant for next year

04/17/2010 By Kate Bryant


Slide Show: Tulip Time


Plant Sales

Things to Do – Plants to Buy

plant sales going on every day for the next week

04/12/2010 By Kate Bryant

gardening and health

Sneeze Trees

why the sex of your tree could matter

04/09/2010 By Kate Bryant


Slide Show: Tulip Fest!


upcoming events

Tulip Fest!

03/29/2010 By Kate Bryant

upcoming events

It’s Spudtacular!

learn everything you need to know to grow the humble spud

03/19/2010 By Kate Bryant

Great Neighborhoods

Taking the Long View

We're looking beyond the gloom and seeing light at the end of the tunnel in the Portland housing market. Our annual Real Estate issue spotlights "the neighborhoods that have retained consistent property values."

03/19/2010 Edited by Brian Barker

upcoming events

Festival of Fragrance

Portland’s Classical Chinese Garden’s spring plant sale

03/17/2010 By Kate Bryant


Slide Show: Up-and-Comers

The neighborhoods of Kenton, Foster-Powell, and Boise are looking forward to an increase in value.



Slide Show: Holding Steady

Take a tour of crash-beating neighborhoods—the Northwest District, Cathedral Park, and Sabin.


Great Neighborhoods: Taking the Long View

Where the Animals Roam

Active animal licenses are analyzed comparatively between Democrats and Republicans.

03/16/2010 Edited by Brian Barker