Well Hello, Sweet Pea!

it’s pea-planting time in Western Oregon

02/20/2010 By Kate Bryant

plant files

Air Plants

wierd and wonderful pineapple relatives


Eat Up

Market Madness

From SW to NE, a helpful guide of where Portland farmers markets are sprouting.

02/15/2010 By Eva Hagberg

upcoming events

Yard, Garden & Patio Show

this could be the best yet

02/09/2010 By Kate Bryant


The Chicks Are Coming!

local resources for urban chicken farmers

02/03/2010 By Kate Bryant


…and Heeearrr They Come!

- the first flowering bulbs of the season

01/27/2010 By Kate Bryant


Class Notes

With special features such as music program makeovers to the tune of $40,000 and tech-savvy schools' Facebook pages, Portland-area schools go for the extra credit.

01/25/2010 Edited by Martha Calhoon


Definitions for School Statistics

Pop quiz time: What's the difference between a Magnet School and a Charter School? Learn more about how we graded Portland-area schools with this cheat sheet of definitions.

01/25/2010 Edited by Martha Calhoon

gardening business

Lighten the Load

container gardeners rejoice!



Hybrid High

Out of Portland’s nine comprehensive high schools, only eight are likely to survive Portland Public Schools’ proposed redesign. Here, we’ve married a few of our favorite hoary mascots with a dose of modern-day swagger to create our own Dr. Moreau–style ch


Learning Curve

Retro Grades

Portland Public Schools has a simple solution to their rich school/poor school dilemma: having kids go to their neighborhood high school. Maybe it's not as simple as it sounds.

01/19/2010 By Zach Dundas

volunteer opps

Dr. King Day of Service


upcoming events

Valerie Easton Speaking in Portland