Garden Visits

Bromeliads of Foster Botanic Garden, Honolulu

decorative pineapples!


Plants to love

Hardy plants for the tropicalesque garden

aka, tropical masqueraders


Take 3

A Missing Park Block Returned

Three different viewpoints on the final chapter of downtown’s longest-running saga

10/29/2009 By Randy Gragg

Plants to love

More Chinese paperbush

a classic "tropic-ennial"



Baby, It’s Getting Cold Outside

Paperbush: a tropical looking plant for a temperate zone


Vege Garden Project

Allium Alert!

Time to plant garlic for summer 2010 harvest


Garden Projects

Plant Spring Bulbs in Containers

A festive autumn project

10/08/2009 By Kate Bryant

Upcoming Plant Events

All About Fruit Show

The Home Orchard Society’s Annual Fruit Fest


Plant Travel

Garden and Plant Delights

Highlights of my North Carolinian hort adventures


Plant Travel

Horticultural Slumming in NC

Some fervent plant nerds take a horticultural romp in the Raleigh, NC area.


Upcoming Plant Events

The Ultimate Plant Sale

It Only Happens Twice a Year

09/15/2009 By Kate Bryant


Good Company

_Business Facilities_ named Oregon as one of the top ten business climates in the United States. Let's take a look into why we ranked so high.

09/10/2009 By Kasey Cordell

Upcoming Plant Events

Muddy Boot Fest

…and ticket giveaway


Upcoming Plant Events

Le Tour des Plants

C’est Bon!

09/06/2009 By Kate Bryant

Vege Garden Project

It’s Not Too Late for (Vege Garden) Love

…but don’t wait too long!

09/03/2009 By Kate Bryant

Plant for Wildlife

Low-Emissions Hummers

(Where They Fill Up)

08/30/2009 By Kate Bryant