Farmers Markets: An Insider’s Guide

Farmers Markets: An Insider’s Guide This month Portland Monthly readers can harvest a bounty of valuable information about our thriving farmers markets.

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Arts & Culture

Self Promotion

Cover Me

Watch our exclusive slideshow to see how Portland Artist Peter Vogel painstakingly crafted our award winning May cover.


Now Read This

The Descent of Man

In his haunting first novel, local author Kevin Desinger tests humanity’s breaking point.

04/22/2011 By Martin Patail


Fantastic Three

A trio of Portland’s writers make the final cut for the Oscars of science fiction writing.

04/22/2011 By Camille Alexa


Scene & Heard

If you were hoping to get to know "The Turk," the man behind the online food delivery service the Secret Kebab, you are out of luck.



The Perfect Party: May 2011

This month’s spread of in-the-know dinner guest we’d like to rub elbows with include Sergio Palleroni, Junki Yoshida, a “bro” and a “hipster," Jeff Stuhr, and Naomi Pomeroy.


Web Exclusive

Studio City: Behind the Scenes

We take you on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Portland's top recording studios.


Eat & Drink


Portland Farmers Markets

An Insider’s Guide



Seeds of Change

Three farms show that behind Portland’s thriving farm-to-market economy, farming is as precarious as always.

04/28/2011 By Christina Henry de Tessan


People’s Farmers Market

You can’t get more Oregonian than a day at the People’s Farmers Market, which has been “feeding the revolution since 1970.” Make sure to get a pretzel bun and fire cocoa, a cayenne-flavored hot chocolate.

04/26/2011 By Zach Dundas


Beaverton Farmers Market

This market sweet spot sold 20 percent of the state’s market produce in 2005. Here you'll find the same tree peonies as found at Portland’s Su Chinese Garden and homemade chicken-habanero tamales.

04/26/2011 With Brian Barker


Portland Farmers Market

It’s no mystery why PFM is getting requests to add to its already impressive six locations. At the Portland State University location, make sure to stop for fresh apple pie and traditional kimchi.

04/26/2011 By Zach Dundas


Hillsdale Farmers Market

The Hillsdale Farmers Market has a dedicated tote-carrying clientele. This truly neighborhood market station is open all year round. Add old Irish salmon to your shopping list if this is your destination.

04/22/2011 By Rachel Ritchie


Hollywood Farmers Market

The Hollywood Farmers Market strikes the perfect balance between variety and accessibility. As you pick up strawberries from Unger Farms, enjoy a handmade Sol Pop.

04/22/2011 By Zach Dundas


Farmers Markets: An Appendix

Where does _Portland Monthly_ stand on the heated Carhartt hot-pants issue? Find out here.


Eat Here Now

Eat This Now: Chicken Dinner at Tastebud

Tastebud delivers heavenly, smoky charred birds on its weekly Chicken Dinner Night.

04/22/2011 By Karen Brooks


Rhubarb Awakening

Northwest Portland’s Two Tarts Bakery owner Elizabeth Beekley helps us savor the first of the spring crop with a recipe for rhubarb rugelach.

04/22/2011 By Deena Prichep

Long Story [Short]

The Wildcrafter

After getting his start scouring the Oregon woods for mushrooms in the 1980s, Lars Norgren now supplies some of Portland’s top restaurants and farmers markets with edible fungi and weeds.

04/22/2011 By Hannah Wallace


PDX Index: Farmers Markets

Load up on these stats about Portland Farmers Markets.

04/22/2011 By Katherine Garvey


Brew U

With the Coalator Program, anyone can take a turn as brewmeister.

04/22/2011 By John Chandler


It Takes a Village

St. Jack restaurant in the S.E. Clinton neighborhood is a sweet slice of Lyon in Portland, with boudin sausages, bulk local wine, and a boisterous mood.

04/22/2011 By Karen Brooks


Cellar Notes: May 2011

Barbera wines masterfully walk the tightrope between Old World food-friendly restraint and New World flavor-forward exuberance.

04/22/2011 By Condé Cox

In the Kitchen

Video: In the Kitchen with Alissa Rozos

Alissa Rozos, the pastry chef at St. Jack Restaurant, shows us how to make her scrumptious madeleine cookies.

04/14/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Editor's Note

Editor's Note

Editor's Note: Food by Design

Food insecurity in Oregon has created a push for community-farming programs.

04/22/2011 By Randy Gragg

Home & Real Estate


Get Your Summer Garden Going

Give your garden some summer-lovin’ with veggies, annuals, and bulbs.

04/22/2011 By Kate Bryant


Flower Futures

Woodburn Nursery & Azaleas awaits the coming spring to see if sales are blooming after a two-year decline.

04/22/2011 By Benjamin Tepler


Neighborhood History

A class hosted by the Dill Pickle Club discusses Voices of Portland, the oral history project of Portland’s neighborhood growth, revival, and adaptation.

04/22/2011 By Melanie Glass


Street of Greens

A study by Reed College economist Noelwah Netusil demonstrates how the greenery on your block can give a major increase to the green your house is worth.

04/22/2011 By Geoff Koch

Web Exclusive

Boiling Point: Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes footage of the Markham Elementary School boiler room reveals a worrisome issue for the Portland Public School System.


Web Exclusive

Carole Smith Q & A

Portland Public Schools' District Superintendent Carole Smith talks to us about the upcoming $548 million dollar bond measure, and what its passage would mean for the future of our school system.

04/22/2011 By Zach Dundas


Boiling Point

Portland Public Schools do battle with ancient boilers while awaiting the verdict of a critical bond measure which, if passed, would finance the renovation and repair of 85 district buildings–including the boilers.

04/22/2011 By Katherine Garvey

Style & Shopping


House of Blues

Blake Nieman-Davis, owner of beloved Portland jeans boutique *Blake*, has moved his premium denim shop to its bigger, better Northwest home.

04/22/2011 By Eden Dawn

Travel & Outdoors

Trail of the Month

Trout Lake Ice Cave

The Trout Lake Ice Cave in Washington state, is a lava tube glaciere, which boasts otherworldly icy pillars, columns and crystallized stalagmites.

04/22/2011 With Brian Barker


30 seconds with…Boaz Frankel

Boaz Frankel tells us about his 12,000 mile car-free “Unroad Trip” of America, and its subsequent 10-episode series on Halogen network.



Peak Season

Why Mount Hood’s dangers shouldn’t change the climbing game.

04/22/2011 By Jon Bell

Web Exclusives

Charity Events

An Afternoon With Cole Porter

An afternoon of classic songs to benefit OHSU and Portland Chamber Orchestra

05/17/2011 By Chelsea Fitch


In the Kitchen with Alissa Rozos

Portland Monthly presents: In the Kitchen. Watch as Alissa Rozos, pastry chef at St. Jack Restaurant, shows us how to make her scrumptious madeleine cookies.

04/14/2011 Edited by Benjamin Tepler