play it cool

Review: West Side Story

01/05/2012 By Anne Adams

Now Read This

Crazy Enough

Storm Large's manic memoir is a ragamuffin to rock-star story.

12/23/2011 By Anne Adams

deep freeze

Review: Angels in America

Portland Playhouse’s long winter epic proves bone-chillingly, exquisitely beautiful.

12/21/2011 By Anne Adams

sweets in stockings

OBT’s Holiday Revue: Assorted Delights

12/13/2011 By Anne Adams

elf actualized

Review: The Santaland Diaries

12/06/2011 By Anne Adams

sleuthful indiscretion

Review: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol

Artists Rep replaces Scrooge with Sherlock. But are they forcing a fit?

11/22/2011 By Anne Adams

brass belles

Glengarry with Gals?

David Mamet’s Glengarry, Glen Ross has been restaged to include women. Do they sell it?

11/10/2011 By Anne Adams

theater review

Oklahoma! Closing Thoughts

A look back on the discussion that the all-black production inspired, and an apt comparison to another current production: Gem of the Ocean.

11/04/2011 By Anne Adams

from the heartland

The Real Americans

Dan Hoyle has a benevolent take on his conflicted countrymen.

10/26/2011 By Rebecca Waits

toxic turkey

Review: The Pain and the Itch

Third Rail Repertory’s Thanksgiving play challenges lip-service liberals to become better listeners.

10/24/2011 By Anne Adams

rights of passage

Review: Gem of the Ocean

10/19/2011 By Anne Adams

capital old chaps

Review: No Man’s Land

William Hurt and his son drink like fish and spar like strangers in this terse Pinter play.

10/13/2011 By Anne Adams


TBA 2011: Mike Daisey’s Tale

A very brief summary of key plot points we were able to retain during Mike Daisey’s 24-hour monologue.

09/18/2011 By Anne Adams

for the birds

TBA 2011: Whispering Pines

Moulton and Hallett go exploring…but end up back at square one.



TBA 2011: Michel Groisman

Time in the company of others

09/12/2011 By Claudia La Rocco


Review: Mamma Mia

5 carefully chosen words for a musical that’s obviously found its audience.

08/24/2011 By Anne Adams


Review: Trek in the Park

Intrepid Portland Monthly intern Griffin Funk takes a Trek to Woodlawn Park to see what all the buzz is about.

07/25/2011 By Griffin Funk


Review: Mary Poppins

5 magic moments, 5 child-pleasers…and a caution to Poppins purists.

07/03/2011 By Anne Adams

cirque du critique

Review: Dralion

Cirque du Soleil delivers a technical stunner, sans some of the brand’s signature moods.

06/16/2011 By Anne Adams


Review: Reasons To Be Pretty

This Coho Theater production delivers the most realistic lovers’ quarrels, and the lowest dose of surprise. If you like theater that "keeps it rea...

05/30/2011 By Anne Adams