Sitting atop the Nines, Departure offers a 270-degree view of the city and an interior that recalls the Starship Enterprise.

11/09/2009 By Mike Thelin

Drink Locally

Happy Beerthday!

Free beer at East Burn once a year

11/06/2009 By John Chandler


Should Restaurants Charge For Bread?

I say no. Some disagree.

11/04/2009 By Eat Beat Team

Out and About

Halloween Memories

Good thing I was taking pictures

11/03/2009 By John Chandler

Olympic Provisions

Olympic Provisions Opens in 14 Days

Portland’s first meat-curing palace/charcuterie bar is going to be awesome.


Drink or Treat

Halloween Spirits

Anyone have scary cocktail ideas?

10/30/2009 By John Chandler


Mama Mia turns five

Chef & Owner Lisa Schroeder will serve her Italian/American dishes, with love

10/29/2009 By Kaitlyn Evans

Out and About

Leapin’ Lizards

Dinosaurs see the future?

10/28/2009 By John Chandler


Directors Park Opens, Coffee Soon!

Caffe Vita Espresso is on its way

10/28/2009 By Eat Beat Team


The Ten Worst Dining Trends

And why I love half of them.

10/26/2009 By Eat Beat Team

restaurant guide

Behind the Scenes: Best Restaurants 2009

We wrote a restaurant guide, and you can too.


Brew News

Cascade Gets Closer

A new Raccoon Lodge?

10/22/2009 By John Chandler

ned ludd

Ned Ludd Opens For Lunch

Another good spot open for lunch on the weekends

10/20/2009 By Eat Beat Team

Rock the Clubs

Go-Go Garagefest

Scion event draws a crowd

10/19/2009 By John Chandler


Portlander Crowned World Porridge Champ

Matt Cox wins over the elusive Scottish palate, but will he win over me?

10/15/2009 By Eat Beat Team

Winter Warmup

Hot Toddy Time

Cafe Nell has six ways to warm up

10/15/2009 By Kaitlyn Evans


Valerie’s Swimsuit