Where to Get Delivery, Takeout, or Curbside Pickup in Portland Right Now

A regularly updated roster of restaurants and bars shifting to takeout and delivery in the wake of the pandemic.

By Benjamin Tepler March 16, 2020

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Is it safe to eat takeout and handle takeout boxes? Read more about it here

Addy's Sandwich Bar: Takeout and delivery

Apizza Scholls: Takeout only. Call 503-233-1286.

Ava Genes: Takeout only. Call 503-444-7537 or order online

Bamboo Sushi: Takeout (at Lake Oswego, NW, and NE Alberta locations only) and delivery via Caviar. 

Burgerville: Delivery and drive-thru only 

Bhuna: Order by phone for takeout: 971-865-2176. Order online for delivery

Bless Your Heart Burgers: Takeout and delivery. Free kids menu options available for children in need. 

Boke Bowl: Eastside location only. Order by phone for takeout: 503-719-5698. Delivery via Caviar and Door Dash.

Communion Bakehouse: Pastry boxes available for takeout only. Read more about it right here.

Coopers Hall: Order by phone for takeout: 503-719-7000. Delivery coming soon.

Coquine: Takeout only. Visit the website for breakfast orders, call 503-384-2481 for lunch, and order via Tock for dinner.

DarSalam: Takeout and delivery. For takeout call 503-206-6148

Danwei Canting: Takeout and delivery. Order by phone for takeout: 503-236-6050. Delivery via Caviar and DoorDash.

DOC: Order online for takeout and delivery

Duck House: Takeout and delivery

Either/Or: Takeout and delivery

Farm Spirit and Fermenter: Takeout only

Flying Fish Co: Takeout and Delivery of both grocery items and prepared food

Gado Gado: Takeout only. Order by phone: 503-206-8778

Grassa: Takeout and delivery

Guero: Order by phone for takeout (503-887-9258) or online for delivery (healthcare workers eat for free)

JoJo: Order by phone for takeout (503-309-4768) or online for delivery

Kachka: Takeout and delivery. Order by phone: 503-235-0059

Ken's Artisan Bakery: Takeout only (walk-in pickup)

La Moule: Takeout only. Order by phone: 971-339-2822

Lardo: Takeout and delivery

Loyal Legion: Order by phone for takeout: 503-235-8272

Lovely's Fifty Fifty: Takeout only. Check out owner Sarah Minnick's Instagram page for the latest details.

Magna: Takeout and delivery. Emailing [email protected] or call. 503-395-8542. Online orders coming soon.

Malka: Takeout only

Mediterranean Exploration Company: Takeout only. Order by phone: 503-222-0906

Mother's Bistro: Takeout and delivery

Nodoguro: Takeout bento boxes and sanitizer only

Nong's Khao Man Gai: Delivery through Caviar, Uber Eats, and Door Dash

Normandie: Takeout only: Order by phone: 503-233-4129

Olympia Provisions Public HouseDelivery only

Oven and Shaker: Takeout and delivery

PaaDee: Takeout and delivery with Postmates and Caviar 

Papa HaydnTakeout and delivery with Caviar (West) (East). For takeout, order by phone: West-503-228-7317; East-503-232-9440

Pip's Original: Takeout only. Order by phone: 503-206-8692

Pixie Retreat: Takeout and delivery

Pizza Jerk: Takeout and delivery

Pizzeria Otto: Takeout only. Order by phone: Foster location -971-279-5077; Sandy location-971-373-8348

Pollo Norte: Takeout and delivery. Order by phone to takeout: 503-719-6039

Proud Mary: Takeout and delivery

Quaintrelle: Takeout and delivery

Rally Pizza: Takeout and delivery 

Raven & Rose: Takeout only. Order by phone: 503-222-7673

Salt & Straw: Takeout (pints to-go only) and delivery

Scottie's Pizza: Takeout and delivery. For takeout, order by phone: 971-544-7878

SeaSweets Poke: Takeout and Delivery. For takeout, order by phone: Portland-503-477-4029 and Beaverton-503-747-5796

SE Wine Collective: Takeout only for food. Order by phone: 503-208-2061. Limited delivery for bottles of wine; email [email protected] 

Stevens Italiano: Takeout only

St. Jack: Takeout only. Order by phone: 503-360-1281

Tiffin Asha: Takeout and delivery

Tight TacosTakeout and delivery

Top Burmese: Takeout and delivery on Caviar, Postmates, and Grubhub

Tusk: Takeout only. Call 503-444-7537 or order online

Urdaneta: Takeout only

Verde Cocina: Order by phone for takeout: 503-297-5568 (Sylvan Highlands) or 503-384-2327 (Hillsdale)

Vino Veritas Wine Bar: Half and full cases of wine for delivery 

The Waiting Room: Takeout and delivery on Caviar and Grubhub 

World Foods: Takeout and delivery

XLB: Takeout and delivery

Yakuza: Takeout and delivery

Yonder: Takeout and delivery. (You can also call the restaurant for a pick-up order without using a third-party service). They've added goodies, like chicken stock and bacon fat, to help you stock up your pantry.

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