Drinking Locally

Space Truckin’

Hawthorne dive blasts off

10/09/2009 By John Chandler

inside look

Chef Gregory Gourdet of Saucebox

The Queens native settles in for talk of winter braises, marathons, and the simple elegance that is Portland

10/08/2009 By Kaitlyn Evans

Points of Interest

The Hole Truth

Dan & Louis’s subterranean secret

10/07/2009 By John Chandler



Cacao will host craft batch chocolate makers for 3 Year Anniversary event

10/05/2009 By Kaitlyn Evans


Gourmet Magazine to Close

New York Times blog reports Conde Nast will close flagship food magazine after 69 year run

10/05/2009 By Eat Beat Team

Rock the Clubs

Elvis Lives!

Dante’s throws a birthday bash

10/02/2009 By John Chandler

Laughing Planet

Why You Should Lunch at Laughing Planet Today

Five precent of Friday sales to go toward local ALS patient

10/02/2009 By Eat Beat Team


Spella To Open Downtown Cafe

Andrea Spella confirms a forthcoming bricks-and-mortar cafe; His original coffee cart to remain open

10/01/2009 By Eat Beat Team


Starbucks Debuts Instant Coffee Product

And here’s why I can tell you all about it

10/01/2009 By Eat Beat Team

Foodie Festival

East Side’s Excuse to Indulge

09/30/2009 By Kaitlyn Evans


Sources: Barista Billy Wilson to open shop on Alberta Street

The reigning NW barista champ and Pearl Distict espresso geek is coming to a Northeast Portland near you


Beer Bulletin

One Stop Hops

Beermongers is ready to pour

09/28/2009 By John Chandler


Navarre’s John Taboada to Open 2nd Eatery

Part event space, part supper club, "Luce" on 22nd and Burnside opens this fall.

09/28/2009 By Eat Beat Team


National Media Portland Lovefest 1.0

Gourmet Magazine on PDX food carts



Frank Bruni on Portland Oregon

The ex-New York Times writer on writing, eating, Portland, and not getting fat.

09/25/2009 By Eat Beat Team

Mixology 101

Sour Power

More hints from Howdini

09/22/2009 By John Chandler


Green Tomato Conserva


Cellar Notes

Oregon Chardonnay

09/18/2009 By Condé Cox