The Gorge

The Gorge We are lucky indeed to have the Columbia River Gorge, all 457 gorgeous square miles of it, practically in our backyard.

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Arts & Culture


PDX Index: Fleet Week

The annual arrival of Fleet Week is awash in festive figures.

05/25/2012 By Sara Gates


Word on the Street: A Portland Glossary

Not every photo posted to Instagram is a Kodak moment.

05/25/2012 Edited by Zach Dundas and Martin Patail


The Perfect Party: June 2012

Eugene track athletes sprint and hurdle their way to our table this month.

05/25/2012 Edited by Zach Dundas

Insider's Guide to the Gorge

Maryhill Museum Expansion

The Maryhill Museum now has plenty of room for both its famed Rodin collection and a gorgeous new outdoor pavillion.

05/25/2012 Edited by Kasey Cordell

Now Read This

Book Review: Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

Comics journalist Joe Sacco and war correspondant Chris Hedges turn their attention to the poorest cities in our own country.

05/24/2012 By Douglas Wolk

Long Story [Short]

The Refugee

Award-winning Portland author Ismet Prcic offers a glimpse of growing up in war-torn Bosnia, his struggles with PTSD, and the therapeutic power of writing.

05/24/2012 By Taylor Clark


Do This Now! June 2012

A brew at the zoo, a naked bike ride, and a four-day rave are just some of the happenings in store this month.

05/24/2012 Edited by Zach Dundas and Martin Patail


Retracing K2's Deadliest Day

Journalist Peter Zuckerman tells the story of K2’s deadliest day from the point of view of the sherpas.

05/23/2012 By Aaron Scott


A Portland Artist's Portraits Layer the Ambiguities of Photography and Gender

Lorenzo Triburgo merges transgender men and corny, Bob Ross–style landscapes in portraits that playfully puncture assumptions about men, women, landscape, and photography.

05/18/2012 By Aaron Scott

Scene & Heard

Spider Woman

When you work for Cirque du Soleil, home is where the tent is.

05/18/2012 By Aaron Scott

Eat & Drink


Bubbly Afterlives

Just because the fizz is gone is no reason to pour out the leftover bubbly.

05/25/2012 By Meghan Ratliffe


Salt & Straw Teams Up with 5 Portland Restaurants on Unique Flavors

The ice cream collaborations feature flavors ranging from boysenberries to yuzu marmalade.

05/25/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Introducing: Cedo’s Falafel & Gyros

The hummus is spectacular at Cedo's Falafel & Gyros. But that's just for starters.

05/24/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Strong Roots

Impress your guests and drink to your health with Kevin Ludwig's carrot margarita.

05/24/2012 By Deena Prichep


A Tale of Three Pizzas

Three new downtown pizza spots enliven Portland’s latest culinary battleground. We weigh in on each.

05/24/2012 By Rachel Ritchie and Benjamin Tepler


In the Kitchen with Troy MacLarty

Chez Panisse alum Troy MacLarty is serving up Indian street food—on NE Alberta Street!

05/18/2012 Edited by Benjamin Tepler


Indian Summer

Bollywood Theater’s chef offers an Indian take on the Northwest’s asparagus.

05/18/2012 By Benjamin Tepler

In the Kitchen

Video: In the Kitchen with Troy MacLarty

Watch Bollywood Theater chef Troy MacLarty walk us through his India-meets-Oregon summer recipe for grilled asparagus with paneer and coconut milk curry.

05/08/2012 By Benjamin Tepler

Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

The Great Attractor

It's not a local secret: Everyone knows that the Gorge is a great place, not only to play, but to work and live.

05/24/2012 By Randy Gragg

Home & Real Estate


Survival of the Rosiest

The subject is roses and Plantwise writer Kate Bryant has some budding advice.

05/25/2012 By Kate Bryant


Beyond the Bulb

Schoolhouse Electric’s growing business means more aesthetically deft accessories for the home or office.

05/25/2012 By Zach Dundas


The New Nesting

Potential homeowners are taking a pass in favor of rentals. Does this trend signal the death of the deed?

05/25/2012 By Georgia Perry

News & City Life


All in the Family

Portland’s many sister cities include Bologna and Sapporo. But where the heck is Khabarovsk?

05/25/2012 By Emily Wilson


Tillamook to Titan

How a Tillamook company plans to conquer Saturn’s mightiest moon with a futuristic ballon.

05/25/2012 By Kate Moening

Insider's Guide to the Gorge

Kite Rider

A local daredevil shines the spotlight on kitesurfing and watches the sport take off.

05/25/2012 By Christopher Van Tilburg


Dark Journey

As a teenager, David Pedersen went to prison after robbing two coffee stands. At 30, he got out—and went on a killing spree. This story examines his history in Oregon’s courts and prisons.

05/24/2012 By Alison Barnwell

Bright Lights

Portland Nice: The Rose City’s Thorny Race Politics

See excerpts from our April 9 Bright Lights discussion with three prominent African American leaders on how our city’s well-known liberal values may be thwarting a more equitable future.

05/18/2012 By Rhea Combs

Style & Shopping


Behind the Runway

There's a lot more that goes into the making of a fashion show than pressing the dresses and shining the shoes.

05/25/2012 By Eden Dawn

Travel & Outdoors

Back Page

Gorge Futures

What does the future hold for the Gorge? We offer some unlikely scenarios.


Insider's Guide to the Gorge

Where to Stay in the Columbia River Gorge

Adventure begins (and ends) at these hotels, inns, and B&Bs.

05/25/2012 By Kasey Cordell Edited by Ramona DeNies

Insider's Guide to the Gorge

How’d the Gorge Get There?

We chart the geologic evolution of the Columbia River Gorge. This may take a while.

05/25/2012 Edited by Kasey Cordell

Insider's Guide to the Gorge

Adventure in the Gorge

If you're going to take advantage of the myriad Gorge adventures, a class or two can only enhance your enjoyment.

05/25/2012 Edited by Kasey Cordell

Insider's Guide to the Gorge

Where to Eat in the Columbia River Gorge

Rest assured that beer, burgers, coffee, and pizza are readily available to hungry Gorge explorers.

05/25/2012 By Kasey Cordell Edited by Ramona DeNies

Insider's Guide to the Gorge

Wildflowers and Waterfalls in the Gorge

The transcendant beauty on displaying in the Gorge is both growing and flowing.

05/25/2012 By Kate Bryant

Insider's Guide to the Gorge

Where to Hike in the Columbia River Gorge

The less-traveled path often yields the most spectacular vistas.

05/25/2012 By Kasey Cordell Edited by Ramona DeNies

Cover Story

The Insider’s Guide to the Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge attracts more than 2 million visitors a year, and we're betting you're one of them. But how well do you really know our signature landscape?

05/25/2012 Edited by Kasey Cordell

Parks & Wreck

How John Yeon Shaped the Columbia River Gorge

One visionary Portland architect used bulldozers, Ming china, and political chutzpah to create a stunning personal landscape—and save the Gorge as we know it.

05/24/2012 By Randy Gragg

Trail of the Month

L. L. “Stub” Stewart State Park

Mountain bike enthusiasts have a new singletrack trail to cycle through.

05/23/2012 By Brian Barker